Thursday, May 07, 2009

Leaves growing in spring announcing good times

Mari's blog, 365 Days (each day a photography) has amazing photos. She said at her post:
"It's getting green here! Some of the trees are full of leaves while others are rather bare, but they are budding. When I walked past this tree, I thought the new leaves looked almost like flowers."
We don't have this change in Brazil. The trees don loose all their leaves in winter. I saw this great transformation in Paris. This is really a wonderful show nature give us. There is a feeling of rebirth and good times ahead.
Have a great day and enjoy the spring.


Mark Krusen said...

Ah Ana,
There is a rebirth in the spring. But it's that darn hibernation into winter thing that I dislike. We get 150 inches of snow a year. Let's switch houses for a while. Momma's getting tired of me anyway. Lol!

Ana said...

I will never believe Cindy is getting bored of you.
I hate winter. Even here. People who live in Rio are known to dislike cloudy days.
Snow is beautiful when it falls but... taking it all from the streets...
I guess I don't want this trade.

Mari said...

Mark is right. We love Spring because it signals the end of winter and snow!
Thanks for posting this - I am honored!

Ana said...

This is very beautiful.
I love looking at the sky and look at the tree branches.