Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reasons I am not bloging lately

I just want all my blog friends to know that I miss you all very much.
Lately I'm dedicating more to my other blog and don't feel like writing at this one.
I miss Philip Dawdy very much and I know that he is doing a very good job at the pot-legalization measure I-1068. but in a way he is one of the the most important journalist that works hard to show what his peers have no ethics to say.
I started this blog after commenting at Furious Seasons for 3 months. I wrote so much that I realized that I had something to say, a battle of my own that is the war we are all in. I met many amazing people because of this blog here and suffered and got angry with them for one year daily. I still have you all on my mind and I'm sure that it will be this way for the rest of my life.
I will surely come back to this blog.
But now I am taking a little time without thinking about what is being done to many people because of money... no, not now. Peace for a moment.
Have a great Sunday all of you and I am sorry if I'm not visiting you lately. But you are always in my mind. Love you all!
Thank you all of those who keep the flame alive dedicating their times to blog about it. You are all my heroes.
The photo? No, I'm not there but quite a beach, isn't it? lol