Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Erin Brockovich doubts Cymbalta's numerous side effects

I've just visited Erin Brockovich's official site and was surprised that you can only send messages at the fan's page. Fan? Okay... she is a celebrity.
I tried to answer this page where, as a consumer advocate, she asks the reader to send experiences with six medicines, one of them being Cymbalta. I wrote a comment using the link with the image below and tried to send many times but didn't succeed.
So I saw the fan link and could send the message by this page.

Maybe I was not lucky. I think that a person who had suffered panic attack and anorexia as she claims she must have been exposed at least to a benzodiazepine and knows how powerful these drugs are.
I don't know. All I know is that a person who claims "I believe that people can accomplish anything if given the proper information." is at least well intentioned but, I'm sorry Erin, there are many voices already giving testimonies and all the information needed but it's considered "anecdotal evidence".
But please, give the right dimension of the symptoms, at least suicidal thoughts. Where do you get these data from? You said rare? Cymbalta's side effects are rare?
Strange, to say the least.