Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still bored but hopeful by Nell

No. This is the old computer. She has a better one now. She wrote a post and I'm glad because she could pay attention at what she was reading.
Now she is trying to focus on the good things she used to do and trying to visualize doing it again. I hope taking me out is one of this things. She is tired physically.
Yesterday she thought about writing something about her and all of the humans that she knows here on the computer - she likes you all a lot:
"no matter what don't ever forget that we are all amazing people with great power, strength and will. Even if others just see what we don't have..." than she stopped fearing it would become very pathetic. I hate this photo. I don't know why they did not used to cut my hair. I looked like an old lady although I was younger. My mom don't like her hair short because when she was a little girl her mother - that strange woman I never met and don't want to - forced her to have her hair cut very, very short. Strange people. She will be fine. She always does at the end. She is trying to visit her blog friends.
Bark bark Bark... Koda... aff awfff... meowwwww Holly (I've learned that!). Wooofffffffff.


Laura said...

What an adorable dog, and full of wisdom too ...lol

Ana said...


Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Nice to see Nell and the table where you work.


Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Just showed Richie Nell's photo he thinks she is gorgeous too.



Ana said...

She is! She really is!
I'm not at that table.
It was full of termites and I had to take it out.
Kisses to Spike and Marleen.
Bark Bark...

Marj aka Thriver said...

Your puppy is Sooooo cute! You are such a prolific writer, Ana. I can't keep up with you. I've got some reading to do. Safe hugs to you, my dear ((((((((Ana))))))))

Ana said...

Thank you Marj!
I write too much, you are right.
Fortunately it's in English because if it was in Portuguese it would be worse.
Have to work on that.

Mari said...

Hi Nell - I'm happy to see Ana got a new computer. I think you look very cute in the picture - your haircut is very nice!

Ana said...

Thank you!
Want to see apple tree!
BARK, bark, bark....

soulful sepulcher said...

Hello Nell! arf have a nice day says Koda!

Ana said...

Bark, bark, bark,;;;
Nice day you too" arf arf
Koda is beautiful!