Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Andy Behrman trial - launching Ana's T-Shirt

Again? The Electroboy again?
It's being very hard for me to deal with this "judgment" and I wrote two posts about the "defendant" with an insinuation that he was selling too much at his site. I wrote him an e-mail but he didn't reply. I guess he took me for one of these people who are claiming he is a "sold out".
We have the same expression in Portuguese and I have not enough prove to say that Andy is a anything of this kind. I only use this expression for those who really deserve it unfortunately it's becoming more and more ease to use it.
Philip Dawdy wrote this post, "Ex-Abilify Spokespatient Unfairly Criticized", and raised many issues.
I have visited John MaCMan's site. I'm sorry but I couldn't read all the two posts he did about Andy Behrman. The accusations are far beyond Andy's work and are done in that way that I have no stomach to read. I took a glimpse at the few comments and found nothing of note.
I've just copied the comment Andy Behrman wrote:
Andy Behrman said...

I'd like to set the record straight. I'd like to explain what was not mentioned in the article in the Wall Street Journal. I'd like to explain that WHILE i was still employed by
Bristol Myers Squibb, I spoke at a DBSA convention in Sacramento and to an audience of hundreds of people and disclosed the fact that I suffered from side effects - - akathasia and cognitive impairment - - from Abilify (and this was at an event at which BMS was a sponsor). But until then, even after I complained about my side effects to my doctor, Dr. Mark Frye, a BMS consultant, I was begged not to discuss my side effects and that "we'll prop you up on other meds until things 'even out.'" They tried. It didn't work. I ultimately told a BMS employee at the time (now at Otsuka) that I suffered from side effects and was no longer taking the drug. I was told that it wasn't "necessary to bring this up." So finally, I spoke up about my situation - - in public - - and then wrote about it - - on about.com/bipolar - - and BMS made sure that those statements were removed. I was convinced by my own doctor and several BMS employees that it was "normal to have side effects and that there was no reaason to go off Abilify." I disagreed. I finally came off Abilify and went public with the story. I was constantly reminded by more than 15 people managing me, that "it was all fine." I told the truth. I wasn't re-hired. Curiously, even after BMS/Otsuka knew that I had side effects and was NOT on the drug, I was asked to speak - - six months later - - as a successful patient for a 50th Anniversary Celebration for Otsuka in L.A. I was offered $50,000. I turned down the invitation. I was also told that it was "okay" to speak for Otsuka, because it was a separate company from BMS. I have always told the truth about my experience with Abilify. But more importantly, BMS made every effort to cover up the truth. And now, because I'm blowing the whistle on them, they don't even have a real comment, except for, "we didn't know." They knew EVERYTHING. It's curious that my doctor and their medical director, Dr. Mark Frye, is no longer employed by them. I think people will be curious to see his medical records which he kept of my treatment and perhaps to learn more about media training that BMS gave to me. Or to see the speeches that they wrote for me. There's a lot that was not reported in a 3,000 word front page story. But I think the real story here is that companies like BMS not only hide side effects (like akathasia), but do whatever they can do when they see that they spokesman, the guy who launched their big drug, is failingt on it. - - Andy Behrman, LA, CA

According to Philip Dawdy:

"But then consider my case: it's taken me two decades to get to where I am now in my understanding and criticism of the mental health industry. Does anyone want to kick me around because I wasn't saying the same things in print in 2004? Or 1999?

We all get to our own truths in life at our own speed--Behrman, me and you.

And I'll tell you something else: if the Nemeroffs, Kellers and Biedermans of the world renounced their pharma monies, conflicted research and so on and mended their ways, I'd forgive them. Chances of that happening are pretty much zilch, but if they did, I would."

Now it's my turn:
I decided to laundh my T-Shirt in a separate post.

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