Thursday, May 07, 2009

X,Y, Z -Scientific letters used in psych-drugs brand names

It's not coincidence. The letters X, Y and Z are used on the brand names of psych-drugs because of their scientific appeal.


Anonymous said...

Very clever and eye opening. Also, very frustrating and sad. I just get so overwhelmed with it all. I think one of us has been on most of those listed, at one time or another. Not good.
Hope all is well.

Mari said...

Very interesting Ana. I am a nurse and give out some of these meds and had never heard this before.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm, I never thought about that.

Mark Krusen said...

This was Xcellent of you to point this out.You are on to something.

Ana said...

Yes, looking at this names make us doing a little list "Been on this, that..."

I don't remember where I read it a long time ago.

Yes, we cannot believe so many silly things that are very important in marketing.


ThankX You.


Monica Cassani said...

Brilliant! Did you come up with this yourself?? it's very astute!

Ana said...

No. I've read a tiny little line on this many time ago.
I had already made a post on this at the beginning of this blog but it was not very clear.
They really choose the names with people who understand about marketing.
I'll try to search from where I took it.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Had not realised but s soonas had read t ealized the truth of it.

It does feel more scientific therefore good.

So if chew xyz chewing gum and we buy lots of products with xyz all ovyer it then we are oozing scientific cool.

Sounds appalling but true.


Ana said...


I've read last year and don't remember where.
But they surely thynk about names.
Lovely your ideax.
I'll trade all my brands for scientific.
Soon I'll even fly to Amsterdam to visit you for half an hour and will be back home in 1 minute.
EXtra powers.