Monday, May 04, 2009

Mental Health Awareness Month - Calendar Project

I've just found this amazing site at BPD in OKC blog. I had already seen the first day cartoon at other blogs but didn't pay attention at the whole project.
It's a calendar of May and everyday there's a new cartoon for the Mental Health Awareness Month.
This was yesterday's cartoon and you can click at it to see today's cartoon or look at the whole project.


jennifer said...

hey, thanks for linking to my blog!

Ana said...

I've like some other links you have.
Thank you.

Chato said...

Thanks for your support... It's not the 23rd, so com on by and see all the new toons... Any one can post them just back link to my site and I'll link to the post...

Thx again.


Ana said...

Thank you!
I'll post today's cartoon.