Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm not a burden, I'm a child

I've copied this collage Marj at Survivors can Thrive! did and also copied the title of the post because it touches me too. I found it very beautiful and Marj is a great advocate trying to raise awareness on child abuse and it's prevention.
It's beyond my comprehension any kind of harm an adult can inflict a child. But there are many ways to do it and the scars are for life. I was emotionally abused, but I'm fine. Twenty years of therapy was of great help.
However there's something that no therapy can take away, a kind of void that sometimes I feel and I use to put my hands in the center of my chest because it seems that is the place the void is. I'm not talking about the
normal void all people feel from time to time. It's something I know has it's roots in childhood.
When I did Yoga, in my twenties, my teacher said that there's a gland that works a lot during childhood and adolescence and it stops working. It's placed exactly where I put my hands. It's just a coincidence but sometimes I remember it. I'm also sure that after all these years something new must have been found about this part of the body.

"But, the more I looked at these linked news articles, blog posts, YouTube videos and tweets, the more upset I got. A few of them really brought the tears on for me. I decided I needed a little art therapy, so I went over to Polyvore and created a collage.

I think what got it all started--the feeling of the intense feelings, I mean--was a news article at CBS about the recent rise in reports of child abuse. I searched the topic "child abuse" at YouTube to see if the news video was posted there. You know me, the cyber klutz: It's the only way I know how to post videos here at my blog."

Read the whole post Marj did.


Mike Golch said...

Nice posting.

Ana said...

Beautiful collage, isn't it?

Marj aka Thriver said...

I'm touched. Thanks for re-posting this Ana. You know, the emotional scars run just as deep as the physical ones. I'm sorry you suffered emotional abuse. Safe hugs ((((((((((Ana))))))))))

CailinMarie said...

thank you for sharing this

Ana said...

Thank you! We are all touched by all of this.
I'm fine. Trust me.