Monday, May 25, 2009

Scary proposal - win $10,000 cash to write for a site - Help

Has anybody received this e-mail?

Tara Marinello

22 Maio

Mensagem de acompanhamento
Hi ,

I came across your blog at Blogger.com. It is very interesting. If you are interested, I would like to extend an invitation to join Allvoices. It is a citizen journalist site. We discuss, debate and write about everything under the sun here.The site has a lot of people who are passionate about writing and use this as a tool to make a difference.

Allvoices also has an incentive programme for writers who can earn up to $10,000 cash. You can visit http://pea.to/p2 for more details and register.

Every time I receive this kind of offer I think I'm not doing a good job. I did a quick visit to Allvoices. Still don't know what to think but and instead of feeling grateful for the compliment I think that if I was really doing a good job there would be no way anybody would do me a proposal like that.
I believe that the posts that I write that don't approach directly mental health issues are responsible for that. Everything at this blog is related to mental health. Even dancing at the beach to relax. These are the posts I write to tell my blog friends that I'm here and also to easy our minds a little.
I believe this e-mail is just a way to make people join the site.
Please, I don't think it's the best way. Implying that those who hoin might receive $ 10,000 cash?
I would like to see they sending this e-mail to Philip Dawdy. LOL
I hope they do a good work.


Mike Golch said...

I got this email,and it nothing but a phishing site,designed to steal your idenity.

Ana said...

There are plenty of this.
I shouldn't even write about this.
But I believe it's good to let people know this kind of harassment.

RA said...

I just received the same email without the second paragraph. I came upon your blog, while trying to find out more about it. Thank you for this informative post. Have a great week.

susan said...

Sweet Ana,

I don't think they are legit.

If you want to be paid for writing, go to a site like "Writers Digest" and see what they post.......

bark bark bark

Ana said...

Good to know that the post helped.
Thank you for letting me know.

I'm missing you.
They are not. Even I noticed that it's terrible written. LOL

Aff, aff, aff, bark, bark...
Nell mis Holly.

Anonymous said...

i'm searching for tara marilenno in google and i found your post.

i received an e-mail like you but without that "interesting part".
at the first second i thought it was spam, but i think about it again so i did quick visit to allvoice.


Came across your blog at blogger.com, you have a great blog.

We at allvoices.com, would like to extend an invitation for you to write at our website. It is a citizen journalist site. Writers like you are always welcome to express their opinions. You can debate, discuss and write about any topic you choose.

Allvoices has a lot of writers who are passionate about writing and are not afraid to express their views. We provide them a platform to do what they like doing the most..writing…and help make a difference.

For registering http://pea.to/Av

There is also a blog widget for which can be used to post directly to allvoices from your blog.

Tara Marinello

that's the e-mail.
i wonder how could she asked me to do that, because even i didn't write my blog with english language!

sigh, so really its a spam?
what a metode.

so, thank you for the information. i'll post too about this and of course link to this post :), which tell me about this.

have a great day,
stella cyan

Ana said...

I thought twice after doing this post. Now I see that it's really necessary to write about it just to share with others this strange people.
Without the "interesting part"?
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

dear Ana,
i posted it!
make sure i'm keeping my promise to link this post,
here where i do : http://stella-cyan.blogspot.com/2009/05/who-is-tara-marinello-and-her-e-mail.html

check it and its in english so i hope you can read my bad grammar (i'm asian, anyway).

fyi, so you can see how tara marinello doesn't give any word "interesting" there lol.

Ana said...

I don't even know if this woman exists.
They can put these e-mails with a fake name.
It's even better for them since it's they only want people to join their site and will never keep their promises.

Ana said...

You are Asian!
How great!
Wanted to know more about you.

Anonymous said...

about me?
i'm indonesia.
its near singapore, and our famous place is bali :), fyi.

and here, we are following a lame system :P

Ana said...

I wish I could visit you.
It's a great place.

Anonymous said...

Where are you from, then?

Indonesia is,, well its not really great.
but many people said peoples here are so kind. I don't think so lol.

I'd wish I could go somewhere else :)

Ana said...

I'm Brazilian.
I also see the problems of my country. We all do.
Sometimes I also wish I could go somewhere.
I have already lived in Paris for one year.
It was a great time but it comes a time you feel homesick and have to go back to your country.

Anonymous said...

i think its cool.

oh, God.
I dream about going there :D.

yeah, homesick.

Ana said...

Paris is really a great city.
Everybody feel home. It's strange but many people have said it.
I hope you go to feel "home" and homesick.

bowerbird said...

Hi, sad to say I got the same email just now. Minus the juicy fake writer's competition prize.

Thanks for your post. I promptly deleted the email, but it is a shame to be contacted with stuff like this when you're trying to write about something you're passionate about.

Never mind, the good will out.

NOSGALA said...

Hi, yeah I've just had this email too. Found your blog while googling her name. It seems many people have received this email. Thought I'd post a little something on my blog to make fun of it lol.

Though I must admit that the email genuinely made me smile inside!

btw .. More people should read blogs on mental health today :)

Ana said...

Yes, there are many "Taras" searching for blogs.

I've visited your blog, great blogger!