Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Xenophobia, globalization economic interests and Internet - Hulu and Veoh

Yesterday I've tried to see a video at Susan's blog and got this message:

We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States. For mor information on Hulu's international availability, click here.
If you're inside the United States and believe you've received this message in error, please click here.

I've just tried to see a video at Fiddaman and got this message:

Veoh is no longer available in BRAZIL. If you are not in BRAZIL or think you have received this message in error, please go to veoh.com and report the issue.

I know it's due to economic reasons but it aches. I aches because I start thinking about some of my fellow citizens has to endure, and all those below the Equator.
I have a lot to say but I have been treated so well by US citizens here, at blogosphere, that I'll respect them not writing a long post on something I'm sure they have nothing to do.
If you are Brazilian and having any problem I urge you to come back home. If you are trying to have a Visa and it takes days and any disrespectful act, please stay here.
To my blog friends I'm sorry but you cannot imagine what it means to be in a long queue side by side with a little one separated by poor and rich countries. Even if you receive a 6 months Visa like I did in UK.
I will never forget it. There are many stories of....

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