Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Philip Dawdy knows a psychiatrist that urges their colleagues to be ethical

Philip Dawdy, yes always Philip, wrote a great post about the DSM-V wanting to bring back the concept of psychotic disorder and another one with the opinion of one psychiatrist he knows:
"The upper echelon of psychiatry has become so corrupt, complacent, and out of touch with the daily dealings in clinical care, that anyone who makes political decisions in this field that shows no consideration to the impact of diagnosis and care of psychiatric disorders as previously defined as appropriate and responsible, should be removed from whatever office or level of impact on care matters for the sake of patients and responsibly invested clinicians.

"And, where warranted, criminal investigations should be considered and implemented to show there are ramifications for irresponsible, unethical, unwarranted behaviors and interventions in clinical care that cause harm and malfesance. In other words, it is time for people who give a damn about the profession of psychiatry to stand up to the alleged leaders of this field and tell them to go to hell--just retire or find an alternative line of work. Leave the profession to those who take health care seriously and respect the Hippocratic Oath and practice based on principles and documented treatment interventions, not about money or standing in the profession."
I have nothing more to say.

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