Sunday, May 24, 2009

I've just arrived from Liverpool now and then - Beatles tribute

Left: Beatles Right: News and an ad
I have taken eight photos. I would like to share them all with you. They are a little dark. I believe it's necessary to bigfy them.


Anonymous said...

Ana, You are traveling?

Cathy said...

Hola Ana. I have bigified these photos and they are a delight, like you. Please forgive any heavy-handed political things I may offer, I'm just an old hippie what can I say. Love Cateri

Ana said...

LOL! In Second Life, dear.
You are "teleported" to wherever you want.
I wish it was like this in real life.

An old hippie?
My sister is five years older than me and she was a hippie.
I was I "little" hippie because of the age.
When Lennon was shot dead I was twenty years old.
I was going out and when I was just about to leave I hear on the radio.
I went walking on the streets and nothing made sense.
I'm quite political but I decided to dedicate my energy to mental health awareness and advocacy.
All people who are doing their blogs on this are doing politics.
People are killing and committing suicide because of these drugs.
This is criminal and for the moment I try to do my share here at this blog.
I published the post about your "Educate Day" at Hella Heaven because I'm digressing a lot here.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that there's still bad news in the virtual world as well.

Ana said...

Virtual world is human all too human.
It's sad.