Monday, May 11, 2009

My boring life by Nell

It's a bore here. I don't go out and she hardly talks to me. She's having difficulty doing that thing that she does everyday when she spends hours looking at the thing on the table and make noise with her fingers.
I know she loves me but I love playing and if she doesn't play with me it's not that funny..
She keeps telling me nice things but I want to be touched all the time, Bark, bark, bark... awf awf... So good!
I'll wait. Sending love to Holly. Meoww. I've learned that! Bark, bark, bark... wooooffff Koda.


susan said...

Meow Meow Bark Bark Bark Beautiful Nell.

Ana, she is beautiful. She has such pretty eyes.

Wouldn't it be great if she could visit Koda and they could have puppies????

Silly Holly the cat and her human Susan

(who is worried about Nell's human too).

Ana said...

Yes her eyes are amazing. This photo was taken in 2001 and she was with "psychological pregnancy".
All these things around her she saw as her babies.
Later I was told that the best thing is not to give them anything to "adopt".
Now she don't have it any longer because she was castrated when she had her mammals of the left side removed because of tumors.
They were malign but the surgery was don in February 2008 so she she is out of danger of having it again.
She is 11 years-old now. Cataract is already evolving in both her eyes.
I plan to have another dog to help her when she gets older.
Her mom is lazy and it seems she lost all her energy.
Funny how we cannot control this things.
Thank you.
Meowwwww to Holly.
Koda is too big for her...!

Mari said...

Poor Nell! She sure is cute though!

soulful sepulcher said...

Nell is cute (and Koda is neutered though)do you take Nell on walks?

Mark Krusen said...

arf, bark, arf and meow meow, meoweeee. This is Indy and Imus. We can relate to having a human around that doesn't play as much as we would want to. Mark goes through spells where he doesn't hardly acknowledge us. To be blunt he's a pain in the arse sometimes. However he is a useless idiot as he does at least feed us. Nell tell your mom that we hope her depression lifts soon. Tell her it's ok to cry we do it a lot and it helps. Oops .got to go we here Mark walking down the hall he hates when we are on the computer.

Ana said...

She is very cute.

I'm not taking her lately. I'm not going out. Go figure!

These humans are a little strange and I thank God I'm not one of them. I only cried when I had my puppies - she says some of them was imaginary, the crazy, - and wanted to hide them. I don't understand why all this suffering.
Nothing has happened!
But I love her this way and get scary when the man comes to take me to have my hair done.
I don't want to go with him.
But as she tells me "It's all right!" I go and feel very happy when I arrive home.
Guess they feel like they are going to have their hair done when they feel sad like this.
I'll try to convince her to take me to visit you both and Koda.
I can't hardly way to tell the strange things she does and listen to what Mark and Stephany do.
I also like to be at the computer but she comes here and I have to go before she sees..
Bark, bark...wooff bark, bark, aff aff aff... bark bark...

Delsiolive said...

Ohhhhhhh, but she is so cute, Ana!! I like even more your dog! I bet the dog of yours has a happy life....no boredom...at all!!!!

Ana said...

She is happy but she wanted more attention. Her ideal life is having me beside her caressing her the whole day.