Sunday, May 17, 2009

Andy Behrman talking about Abilify - go to his site to buy the book, a Bipolar T-Shirt or pay $ 225 for his services

This is one of the videos that shows Andy, author of "The Electroboy", saying wonders about Abilify.
You can go at his site and buy the book, a Bipolar T-Shirt and even ask his services as a consultant to people with mental health - he charges a hourly fee of $ 225 according to what is written at his site - and is available by phone, e-mail or in person. Just go to his site and schedule an appointment.
I'm having difficulty finding Stephen Fry's documentary.

Update 9/28/2013
I changed the video because Andy's was auto-starting and I could not fix the problem.
Five people talks about their experience with bipolarity.


D Bunker said...

Psych Drugs and Money.

This post deserves an Award. It should be seen be Everyone. You've done a magnificent job.

Ana said...

It's all mixed. He said something at Furious Seasons but said nothing about the money.
I asked him he didn't replay.
Now he has this site where everything is for sale?
How can he want me to trust him?
Yes! Psych drugs and money is a real master piece.
You never figured out they are related! Can you imagine that?

D Bunker said...

There is something endlessly endearing about a woman who can size up such a situation, with her arms folded or hands on her hips, and without even a raised eyebrow or Hint of a grin, flatly state, "That's BS."

I think it was Raymond Chandler who once wrote "Her lips remained motionless but her eyes called him a son of a bitch." :)

You Rock!

Ana said...

Thank you!
~ ~