Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cocaine and crack use raises

For 22years NEPAD* of Rio de Janeiro State University - UERJ has been working with illegal drugs addiction. According to the director Maria Thereza Aquino:
"In 1986 those who searched for NEPAD were young male adults of 24 and 25 years old who studied or worked. 80% used marijuana. Today we have groups of children in their 12 that already use alcohol, marijuana and cocaine".

*Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Atenção ao Uso de Drogas
Nucleo of Study and Research focusing Drug's Use

A Thing of Beauty...

... is a joy forever.


Name your poison

On Psychdrugdangers.com you just have to "name your poison" by clicking on it and you'll have reports from adverse effects caused by your drug.
I've just discovered it, at FS as always...:)
You can also put age range.
Very Good source!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To my dearest friend....

Hi my friend!
You know who you are. You've been coming to visit me almost everyday and I'm also very happy when I see you've been here. I would be very happy if you left a message.
Just to say "-Hello!".
I know you're not feeling fine and I care too much about you for I know people with the same problem like yours.
It would mean a lot to me if you just said "-Hi!"
Wish you all the best man!
Yours truly,

The fever is gone....

It was terrible! I don't use the word "hell" because this is what we use for withdrawal symptoms and I don't want to put in jeopardy our semantics.
After 4 nights waking up all wet it was so good to have a night of good sleeping and waking up dry looked like abnormal or a miracle.
How good it's to have our health back.
I thought I would remember the withdrawal nights when I use to wake up all sweat the same way as in fever.
Fortunately I've just remembered but i did not feel sad remembering it.
Here I'm!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

ANON - from SocialAudit.org.uk

I've found three comments from the discussion board that is not available now.
There was a person whose nick was ANON who helped a lot. One of my messages to him:

Thanks very much. You are always so kind and it helps too much to hear your words.
Today I slept a lot and the dizziness went away.
My body seems to be back to normal.
I'm feeling hot again, 30º explains that:))
Everybody was at the swimming pool the last two weeks and I was feeling a little bit cold.
Now I'm sweating because it is very, very hot. It's amazing, is it not? I'm so glad I'm sweating for a real reason. Hope this night I will sweat for it's hot.
But you cannot imagine how precious was to hear what you said. It was a relief
We always doubt our feelings, that is the message that I came here to tell.
When I was feeling the dizziness and all strange feelings I remembered all I had heard about it and always thought "lucky me I did not feel strange brain sensations and the zaps".
When it appeared I was "suspicious" it was withdrawal although I have read many reports about it.
I also want to tell you that I'm fine today only a little scared because it was a terrible sensation.
Yesterday I though I would be like that for the rest of my life or maybe I had a terrible disease.
It is silly to say this. But if you are experiencing any kind of this terrible withdrawal symptoms do not doubt and bear in mind that IT IS WITHDRAWAL.
The problem is that the sensations are so terrible and we have nobody to report them and hear: "Hold on. It is "normal". It is withdrawal and it will go away."
That's all we want to hear. This is the only help we need that moment.
But we do not have anybody to tell us that.
So we suffer the pain and the fear of not being sure about what is going on. And it has already been highly reported that when we tell our physicians they do not understand and comes up with lots of diagnoses and do not recognize WITHDRAWAL.
Unfortunately physicians, even the good and serious, are still unaware of a lot of what is going on.
It seems to me that the real good help comes from people who have suffered and kept on studying in order to heal themselves and help others.
I was feeling terrible and was emotionally terrible. I cannot go to any psychiatrist for I'm sure that I will hear that I'm depressed or that the despair comes from me. They still do not know about this kind of CHEMICAL DESPAIR. It does not come from the heart. First you start crying for no reason and after that you have reasons enough to be in real despair. The circle is something like this:
1) chemical despair appears (I've noticed that I start crying I frown and my forehead aches. It's different when I cry for a REAL reason. It starts in my heart I cry and tears comes naturally. I cry for some minutes, it stops and you have a break. In the chemical crying the tears are scarce and it seems endless and there is no connection to any trouble you have);
2) you get desperate because it is too, too painful and you cannot stop it;
3) it is impossible to stop the chemical despair using the same weapons we use to cope with bad emotions we have in our lives. There is no way to say to yourself "- Ok! Enough is enough. I have already suffered and now it is time to get a shower and move on. I will take a walk, do something..."
4) we often have to suffer this alone for people do not understand and will start telling us that "you must do this and that". So, another reason to despair: guilty.
What an ordeal!
I'm feeling not very "close to reality" lately. Can you imagine if I tell this to any physician and also that I cannot concentrate, feeling irritated and apathetic?
It's getting better and I feeling that this week things will be easier. But we never know. I believe that we all share the feeling: ME after SSRIs - ME during SSRIs - ME withdrawing SSRI - ME after SSRI.
What I want to tell you is that TRUST your FEELINGS. Keep on reading, searching, reading the reports that are all over the Web.
ANON, thanks again. What about you? Are you feeling better? You give so many advices but we also care about you. Have a Happy New Year, you deserve to have a wonderful year and recover from all the harm this drug has caused


SSRI Advices from SocialAudit Discussion Board

Dear Anonymous,

I don't quite know what to say.

The basic problem here, is that there is a very, very, dark side to these drugs. Of which, a large proportion of the medical profession still seems to be unaware. If you trace the history of these drugs, it reveals dodgy drug trials, and lots of ghost-written papers extolling their virtues... whilst minimising or hiding the nastier facts concerning side-effects, withdrawal effects, and after-effects. All to the detriment of the patient.

That is not to say they have no place within medicine: some people DO benefit from them, some sing their praises and state categorically that their lives have been saved by them. Never forget that you may be one of them.

But there is also the other side of the coin: those who are not helped, those who become much worse, those who become zombies, those who become aggressive, or actively suicidal, those who kill themselves/others. Those who start twitching, become unable to sleep, have ear and eye problems... those who do not have the required liver enzyme variants that allow the drugs to be metabolised... The dark pit the drug companies are so desperate to keep the lid on. And then there is the withdrawal...

A recent post states... 'We are aware that many GPs are currently prescribing SSRIs to patients with mild to moderate depression. This is breaking the new NICE guidelines on SSRI prescribing.' So the current situation seems to be that they should now only be prescribed, depression-wise, for those with severe depression.

You've also got to take everything I say, and balance it against the fact that these drugs have done me considerable damage. That's got to be a considerable bias, and on that basis alone you could quite reasonably discount all I've written.

I re-state: You might be one of those helped by these drugs.

Watch yourself carefully, and look out for warning signs like e.g. tremors, twitches, insomnia, staggering, tinnitus, over-sensitive eyes, chronic 'bone-deep' fatigue, becoming aggressive/suicidal, apathy, inability to motivate, thoughts cascading through your mind...

You should already have been told that you have about a 2/3rds chance of being affected by some form of sexual dysfunction (a major side-effect of these tablets). Your bodyweight may remain stable, drop, or increase (a very individual response - some people lose loads, others have put on stones).

But if you are seriously ill, and your life is on the line, then these are all risks to be balanced against this dreadful and immediate reality...

...all that matters, is whether it works for you. And no-one (at present, and give or take a liver enzyme test) knows that in advance. If you want have a good reference book at your side, detailing the possible side-effects, then get Joseph Glenmullen's 'Prozac Backlash'. Knowledge is the best protection.

SSRI Withdrawal - Advices from SocialAudit Discussion Board 2

(This address is unavailable)

Scared in MN -
Okay, advice and success stories we can help with. Get a nice hot cuppa, and put your feet up. Firstly, I've got to make it clear that I'm from the UK, and I'm guessing that MN is USA (?), if so, be aware that our national health systems are very, very different, and make allowances for this.

Right, where do we start...

1. Success stories - at one point I was on celexa, and tried to stop very much like you did. Result = total disaster. Yet I am now completely off them. Success stories are everywhere, and they proliferate once people realise what is actually going on when they tackle withdrawal i.e. they arm themselves with information about it (like you are currently doing), and then withdraw in accordance with what they have learnt, comforted with the knowledge and understanding that allows each potential withdrawal problem to be studied and recognised for what it is.

2. 'Scared to death and don't know what to do' - with regard to these drugs (you are on a SSRI, like prozac), ignorance is not bliss. Start learning & reading, the knowledge is going to knock a lot of the fear out of the window.

3. Your First Withdrawl Attempt - well, as you now realise, cold turkey can be a horrendous experience. It's not surprising you were forced straight back onto the drug. That's commonplace. Don't worry about it. Just let yourself stabilise for a bit, and get over the shock of what's happened.

4. Your doctor's response - well, she is correct in that some people may not be able to withdraw from the drug. It is being slowly acknowledged that some individuals will not be able to successfully withdraw, because of the physiological addiction: BUT that is a reasonable statement ONLY if you had been given thorough withdrawal advice, detailed withdrawal protocols, and constant support throughout the whole process! So I think you can safely throw that conclusion out of the window.

5. You want to get off the drugs - a difficult one, this one. Most people decide to come off the drugs because of a) adverse effects or b) feeling better or c) drugs doing nothing. The reason behind the decision to quit needs to be carefully considered. Faith is an extra level of strength, that will help you through withdrawal; but you do need to have a very clear idea of why you are coming off. This is one that only you, +/- a doctor, can sort out, with particular regard to the reason you were prescribed the drug to begin with...

6. A Doctor to help you through the process - can't help on that one. All I can suggest is to ask around. It seems that most doctors are still woefully uninformed about all aspects of these drugs, and are wading about often dispensing less than adequate, and occasionally dangerous, advice. If you find a well-informed doctor, you are on a winner.

7. Hints on how to get off :- Go straight to your local library or bookshop and get a copy of Joseph Glenmullen's 'The Antidepressant Solution - A step by step guide to safely overcoming anti-depressant withdrawal, dependence and addiction'. Or order it on the web (e.g. at www.amazon.com). It's a straightforward 'how to', telling you pretty much everything you need to know. It's just been published, and I wish I'd had a copy a few years ago. The basics are: a) tells you about the withdrawal symptoms, b) how to withdraw from the dose you are currently on, c) what signs to be aware of e.g. coming off too fast, or dropping your dose too quickly, d) draw up a workable timetable that'll get you through it. It's a good common-sense compilation. Read it - from the first page to the last, and don't start your withdrawal until you have done so... Always remember that your system is now attuned physiologically to the celexa, so you have to give it a nice... slow... taper... as you withdraw, giving your body gentle changes to which it can adapt, and mild/no withdrawal symptoms at each stage (better for you and your children); rather than a massive shock - and you already know the results of that. Some people move relatively swiftly and unproblematically through withdrawal, some have to taper their dose reductions more slowly, and a very small number have to reduce in tiny increments over long time periods. I can't say which group you will fall into, but the IMPORTANT thing is that even if you are extemely unlucky and need a very long taper, you are overwhelmingly likely to be able to successfully withdraw.

Other things - read the March 7th 2005 post, above, here's another success story. In the post below that, is a link to a highly reputable withdrawal protocol, print this off and study it -until the Glenmullen book arrives, since this, naturally, has much more detail - you should see all your withdrawal symptoms listed in the document, and it will reassure you as to what happened when you went 'cold turkey'. Go web surfing, for other independent withdrawal advice; and over at Yahoo is a 'Withdrawal and Recovery' Group for people in your very situation, if you feel like it, drop in and say hello. Search the other posts on this site using the facility at the bottom of the page... Celexa = cipramil = citalopram... lots of info floating about.

Best wishes.

By Anon on Friday, July 15, 2005 - 01:18 am:

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Quick post for 5 minutes online


(Highlight the word above that is written on the color of the product.

Cognitive impairment caused by psychiatry meds

This is one of my comments on FS post "Zyprexa Chronicles: Zyprexa Judge Slams FDA, Eli Lilly" :

Someone reported experiencing cognitive impairments:

Thank you for your reply.
I've already heard about these symptoms.
"Memory loss, horrible spelling when I used to be a great speller, and weird typing problems. My brain will know what I want to type but it comes out completely different. I have to do alot of editing.

I also have trouble locating things right in front of me. I had that even before meds but I swear the problem has worsened."

Memory lost is already known.
The spelling problem I've heard about it on Charles Medawar site.
There was a man who said he suffered the same you mentioned about spelling and he claimed it was hard to find a word on dictionaries.
He also had to edit many times what he wrote.
He ws already out of SSRI for more than 1 year.
It seems it affects language center.
Thank you.
I was already suspicious these where the cognitive impairments you suffered.
Try drawing!
Who knows forcing your brain to achieve other things can do you good?
Try writing with your left hand.
Try learning an instrument.
I'm just giving some hints with no scientific data whatsoever.
But who cares about it nowadays?

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'll have to stop using the computer...

Just arrived from a REAL physician. Dr. Guilherme Borges - we have to name good people.
The dizziness is caused by back problems.
I'm anemic but it's not what is causing the dizziness. I'll have to to therapy.
I didn't tell you yesterday but I had fever. 38 C to 39 C. Spent the night with the alarm clock waking me up to measure the fever. I have an infection. Perhaps It was from the hospital I went.
So, I'll have to stop blogging.

For 7 days I'll have to be away from the computer.
This chair and this desk are very ergonomic!
I knew it was doing me harm but you know, I still think that bad things only happens with others.
One day I'll grow up!

I've told Dr. Guilherme all about psychiatry scandal. He does not know.
Serious and ethical physicians don't have a clue about what is going on.
I told him to visit FS and this blog of mine because after all it has some Brazilians issues.

Perhaps I'll check for 5 minutes what is going on.
Wait for me! Don't forget me blog friends!
You all are very important to me.

I've received this e-mail about Labs surveillance

It's not a "breaking new" for me. I have many cases on Google's "is watching you!"
Do whatever you want. I'll not stop blogging. I very happy to receive labs visits.
Please read everything all of you and perhaps you can... be moved by any story!

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals":

Perception management companies working for big corporations like AZ, Lilly and Pfizer use specialist software to crawl the web. This is done to track down material which presents their clients in a bad light.

Some sort of automated textual analysis is then performed on the raw data from that web crawling.

The analysis generates a short list of "interesting sites" which can be perused by humans.

A bit like the "Echelon Dictionaries" of the global surveillance system, but better funded.

In fact, it seems probable that BigPharma is in bed with the intelligence apparatus.

Such a partnership would involve pooling surveillance resources for commercial espionage. The overarching objective is the the pursuit of every more obscene profits on Wall Street and in the City of London.

Google which conducts a huge amount of web crawling is doubtless part of the same conspiracy too.

To get employment at a certain level in the Google corporation you need a CIA security clearance.

Google's corporate motto is "Do no evil".


Post a comment.

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Posted by Anonymous to soulful sepulcher at July 24, 2008 5:28:00 PM PDT
Resposta rápida
Para: Anonymous

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leave a message people linked to Dr. Gustavo Teixeira!

I don't understand you! You have already come here many times to search this post "Biederman in Brazil?. Why don't you please leave a message?
Please Mr Gustavo Teixeira! If it's you, it's under your name the search is done, please leave a message.
Explain to us how are people being treated under your care!
Tell us about your books!
I don't have time to read it for I have many activities but I would be very glad to hear from you! I also don't have the money to buy it because part of my income goes to AstraZeneca, Wyeth and Roche.
I could go to your site and ask you to come here but I'm not sure if it's really you who is coming to search.
You know, people are quite strange nowadays!
Thank you for the visits anyway whoever you are. But please next time don't be a stranger!

Four physicians fail to diagnose...

Yep! This is what I have!

List of symptoms:

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Anemia includes the 26 symptoms listed below:

Dizziness is always associated with labyrinth problems by lay people.
For my experience also by physicians.
If they cannot diagnose Anemia I don't know what else can we do.
One of my nails is always fragile differently from all others.
Now I'm going to rest for I'm tired... and dizzy!
Medicine! This is the era of failures! I'm sure that this period of medicine will be reported as one of the most absurd in medicine history.
But only by 2989.

One of my suicide attempts while getting off of Efexor

One of the strange feelings when someone or something do you harm is the mixture of feelings you have towards yourself. You feel as if it was your fault and you feel ashamed to tell others what has happened. Of course there is anger towards what did you harm but it's usual that people don't tell others about it.
We remain silent and hoping that someone else suffers the same and have the guts to tell others.
I said that I had suicidal ideation while tapering Effexor. What I didn't say is that I've tried to kill myself twice. I thought about it on a wide scale of degrees. Four times it was very hard to cope with it and for two times I've tried.
I'll tell you about one of these times.
I was in a normal day, tapering Effexor. All of a sudden, an idea was planted in my brain: "-I have to kill myself." Just like that. Unexpectedly, no reason for it, I was happy and then this idea appeared.
You don't think about anything else. You only think that you have to kill yourself. I wrote some notes for four people, and was thinking at the back of my mind: "-This is withdrawal, this is withdrawal, this is withdrawal…; call your therapist, call a friend, do something!"
Strangely enough you don't call anybody. You do not care. All you have to do is… kill yourself.
I have a dog. So I could not do anything at home for I could not harm her or make something that could kill her, like gas - my second attempt was with gas -, and you keep on wandering how are you going to do it without making any fuss and avoiding the scandal of being found dead in your place. Good, at least there's room to think about a dignified exit!
I had many samples of psychiatric drugs, drugs that I tried, and, at the forth pill had to stop… I had an arsenal of psychiatric drugs of many kinds.
Therefore, I took them all and put them in two bottles of Depakote - by that time it was sold in bottles not in blister. "-It's withdrawal, it's withdrawal, it's withdrawal… do something; call someone; call your therapist, please!" "-Nope! I have to kill myself."
I've phoned a hotel and ask for a bedroom. I've dressed myself with care and took a big bag pretending to be coming from a near town. I have put some clothes in this bag and a bottle of Jack Daniels to have the pills, Rohypnol was in the cocktail which is very helpful and was once used by the site Exit . They used to sell a packed for those who wanted to do euthanasia and I've discovered that one of the three items was Rohypnol. They are back now but with another proposal.
"-It's withdrawal, it's withdrawal, it's withdrawal… do something; call someone; call your therapist, please!" "-Nope! I have to kill myself."
It was 9 pm. I went away from my building, took a cab, and told the driver to go to the hotel. He left me there.
When I was in front of the hotel, I felt thirsty and did not want to appear as if I was out of my mind. I went to a place and asked for a bottle of water.
I thought that the man could not hear me. By miracle, he gave me the bottle of water. I took it and, miracle, I've paid for this and he smiled at me. He smiled at me!
So people could see me! "-It's withdrawal, it's withdrawal, it's withdrawal… do something; call someone; call your therapist, please…
Isn't it good!
I'm alive! I started walking. I've walked, walked, walked, and started to sweat.
Nice feeling! I was sweating and feeling all my body, my legs, my arms, my head, my hands, my toes…
"-It's withdrawal, it's withdrawal, it's withdrawal…"
What am I doing here? Why will I kill myself? I don't want to kill myself.
My dog is home! She must be feeling sad. I have to go back home to see her and call my friends and family.

I want to thank Charles Medawar. There was a man on his site whose nick was "Anon". He helped everybody and one of the things I've remembered was he saying that we should never become a statistics and if we killed ourselves "they" were winning another time.
He said other valuable things that was on my mind beside the "-It's withdrawal..."
Fortunately I don't remember anymore and I'm glad to be able to talk about it without crying and feeling that it's in the past.
The only thing I fear is that even spending 19 months tapering Efexor when I reached the end of the process I felt so bad that I had to go back to the drug.
I'll talk about it later.
If I miss I pill I have nightmares. I fear missing the amount of dose and feel it again.
You can see that it's very easy to kill me if someone has the intention.
I also lost my freedom because I cannot make a trip or go anywhere without Efexor in my purse.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drug-induced suicidal ideation 2

We always have to come back to explain it over and over again in order to clear any doubt.
As I said that when I was a teenager I thought about suicide psychologists must deduce:
"-Wow! She had repressed suicidal tendencies and they reappeared due to the lack of the right dose of antidepressant! She is suicidal!"

Nope! I'm not suicidal. As a matter of fact I'm a very happy person and I always joking and smiling. I love life.
And FYI: I've been on psychoanalysis for 20 years. The process is over.
I had enough time to treat the "suicidal tendency" you are attributing me without even knowing me or having any section with me which would be impossible for in Brazil psychologists, in general, are not very good.
Notice that I did psychoanalysis. In Brazil it's done by very serious people and has nothing to do with these psychologists treatments that heals in 15 sections.
Of course there are bad psychoanalysts! But it's not my case.

Drug-induced suicidal ideation

Philip Dawdy just wrote a post: "How I Got Off-Meds" which is a must-read. Among many issues he raises the suicidal ideation promoted by some psychiatric drugs.
I had drug-induced suicidal ideation while tapering off Effexor.
This is the comment I left on FS explaining the differences of real suicidal ideation and chemical suicidal ideation:

" One thing I should mention is that after years of bouts of suicidal ideation--largely driven by anti-depressants in my opinion--I hadn't had a suicidal image in my head for about a year. "
Philip Dawdy

I had drug-induced suicidal ideation during the 19 months I was tapering Effexor.
I had 4 terrible episodes of this withdrawal symptom.
I can clearly see that it was drug-induced and fortunately I had read that during withdrawal this symptom can appear. Thank you Charles Medawar, David Healy and others for describing this.
For no reason I felt suicidal ideation.
My life was fine but, for no reason, I started "wanting" to kill myself.
During the suicidal ideation time in the back of my mind there was a warning:
"-This is withdrawal, this is withdrawal, this is withdrawal..."
When I was a teenager I had so many problems with my family that sometimes I thought about killing myself.
I knew I was not going to do that but I've spend sometimes thinking about how could I kill myself after sleeping.
I slept and in the next morning I was happy going to school and not even remembered that I thought about dying.
But by the time I was feeling the drug-induced there was no reason. No reason whatsoever!
Just the feeling that "-I'm going to kill myself!"
look at the difference:

"-I'm going to kill myself!"
"-I'm wanting to kill myself!"

I also felt a tiny little urge to burn my skin with the cigarette. I never felt it in my entire life. Not even for a second.
Didn't do it and by the time I was feeling it I thought about this idea and I remember asking myself "-Where does it come from?" I felt very strange for I knew I didn't WANT to burn myself.

I'm writing it because it's a very important, complex and subjective issue and I hope that this questions are raised by the mainstream media.
Can you please do it my dear mainstream journalist? It can happens to you or some of your acquaintances and I hope it never happens to a family member who has a gun on the hand.
I'm not sure if I had a gun I would be here.

You can publish it now Philip!
Now I'm in total control of my emotions and wrote it with objectiveness.
That time was an outburst and I've remembered everything as if it was happening and cried a lot.
And you were ethic and kind enough not to publish it.
Thank you once again!

Congratulations Philip! Out off meds for 1 one year!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brazilian Children - Save them

Yep! I'm in exile here!
As there's nothing in Brazilian Portuguese about the psychiatric scandal I'm here scribbling in English about mental health in general. But I'm Brazilian! I care about my people. I care about children!

The Damião Ximenes case was solved by the OAS and is well reported here:

"The Forensics department in Fortaleza certified that Damião's cause of death was ' unknown,' despite evidence that he suffered violent attacks."; "It is important to underline that Irene (Damião Ximene's sister) was told she would not have access to the clinic audit proceedings, nor even to the report. Irene was also told that the documents would be handed over to the mayor, whose family owned the Casa de Repouso Guararapes."
It's also reported on the same site:

"In the municipality of Rio Grande , in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, on July 5, 2006, a serious example of the violation of human rights in a psychiatric clinic took place, as three young girls were burnt to death in a fire that took place in a room in the female ward of the local psychiatric hospital."

According to criteria for the classification of psychiatric hospitals, which include the quality of care provided, number of beds, physical structure, dynamics, level of involvement in the mental health network and adherence to the technical norms prescribed by the SUS, the National Program for the Evaluation of Psychiatric Hospitals (PNASH)9 recommended the removal of official accreditation for the following institutions:10

In its 2002 annual report: 1) Casa de Saúde Santa Catarina - Montes Claros, Minas Gerais - 124 beds; 2) Instituto de Reabilitação Funcional - Campina Grande, Paraíba - 145 beds; 3) Fundação Hospitalar do Seridó (Hospital Psiquiátrico Dr. Milton Marinho) - Caicó, Rio Grande do Norte - 72 beds; 4) Casa de Saúde Dr. Eiras - Paracambi, Rio de Janeiro - 980 beds; e 5) Hospital Estadual Teixeira Brandão - Rio de Janeiro - 102 beds;

In its 2003 and 2004 reports: 1) Sanatório São Paulo - Salvador, Bahia - 175 beds; 2) Sanatório Nossa Senhora de Fátima - Juazeiro, Bahia - 80 beds; 3) Hospital José Alberto Maia - Camaragibe, Pernambuco - 980 beds; 4) Hospital Santa Cecília - Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro - 200 beds; 5) Hospital Colônia Lopes Rodrigues - Feira de Santana, Bahia - 500 beds.

According to information from the Central Coordination for Mental Health, Ministry of Health, of these 10 hospitals, only three have been closed.11 Seven remain open."

Phamacovigilance in Brazil is a translation of some few FDA, MHRA or other countries administration's recalls just to show something.
There's no pharmacovigilance in Brazil whatsoever! If FDA and MHRA are working the way we know what can the Brazilian "Anvisa"do? Follow their steps not even searching Brazilian data. Only translating three recalls a year works.
You are doing what you want with Brazilians mental health. People are being killed not only in Ceará where Damião Ximenes was killed. But in Rio de Janeiro. You know that in 2002 there was death of a patient in a famous private mental clinic in Rio de Janeiro.
I will not report because of obvious reasons. I have to protect myself to keep on blogging.

You can do whatever you want but I'll not, repeat, I will not stop blogging.
You are already raising the absurd hypothesis that children needs to be medicalized because you have to prepare the way to DSM-5 standards.
Stop saying that because children are developing it's profilatic to treat them while they are babies. You know damn well it's bullshit, nonsense and total lack of scientific seriousness, unethical and immoral! Stop prescribing based on hypothesis.
You are already on TV giving interviews and also on mags telling that children and even newborns are supposed to be on psychiatric care.
What kind of medicine are you practicing? Why are you on Meetings when your patients need you? If there were any good and rich information on these MeetingsI would be the first to support you. But you go only to promote drugs.
You are prescribing based on pharmaceutical industry propaganda. You receive them in your offices and start prescribing no matter what drug and without knowing what are the consequences of your prescription.
I have already reported side effect before being on a new drug, I knew it was due to the new drug but the physician wanted to change another drug that had nothing to do with the side effect.
It was ME who had to remind him/her that the side effect appeared when the X drug was introduced.
Please! I'm 49 years old. I don't have a lot of time before me. But you are drugging CHILDREN.
There are already enough data to prove the harm these drugs has promoted.
Death included. A 6 months child being diagnosed and prescribed
? After 2 years and 38 drugs this children died.
You behave as if you knew that's the problem.
Please have the decency to say "-I don't know!" when you don't know.
I know nothing I say can change anything. You have a logic, an ethic, a morality, a science of your own and you don't care about reality.
Yep! What an irony! You deal with people who has problems with reality and you also have a reality of your own.
Unfortunately both realities seems to be far apart from each other.
I like psychiatry. Yes! I like science and I like psychiatry. I would like to be able to help those I see on mental institutions.
But not the way the vast majority of you are doing.
It would be harder. I don't fear the hard way.

I'm dealing with two problems here: Brazilian Mental Institutions and CHILDREN BEING ON PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS.


Global Justice:

In Brazil: (+55) 21 2544 2320 / 8272 1916 / 8232 1771 - Sandra Carvalho, executive director; Carlos E. Gaio, international relations director

In the USA: (+1) 617 669 8606 - James Cavallaro, Justiça Global's vice-president and clinical director of Harvard Law School's Human Rights Program

In the UK : (+44) 7908 061849 - Andressa Caldas, adjunct director

Damião Ximenes Lopes' family:

In Sobral, Ceará: (+55) 88 3685 1281 / 9924 8142 - Irene Ximenes (Damião's sister)

In Fortaleza: (+85) 8814 8112 - Dra. Lídia Costa, expert in the case

"-Try to find a Doctor." 2

Just want to add this remark I wrote there:
"The funny thing is that no matter what you say, no matter what you ask... you're always wrong. I told someone: "-You know medicine. I know my body. Let's work together." They must think I'm crazy. Jesus! Thank you for being crazy. I hope my madness will never let me in the situation I'm seeing here: surgeons after surgeons."

There was an old lady next to my room who is hospitalized for more than 1 year! She has Alzheimer. They were going to perform another surgery and I also heard that another patient was having a second surgery.

I'll pray for them.

I also wrote:
"I'm feeling in prison. At least in prison you know there's no place to go and the window will be locked forever. I'll go away from here. I'm feeling worse and in 5 hours I'll be here for 24 hours with no help."
Now I'll try to calm down and... TRY TO FIND A DOCTOR.
Good to know that we can't find them in hospitals.

"-Try to find a Doctor." I was told...

Yep. After being 19 hours in a hospital with no care I decided it was time to go.
I wrote you 4 pages - front and back - but I don't have time to copy it now.
I have to ... find the doctor.
You gave me support while I was writing these pages. Thinking about you gave me strength.
I know you'll not understand nothing but here are the first and the last page.
I didn't remember that one is not entitle to present a good face while in hospitals. We must behave as if we were on the verge of death. Remember: when waking up never dress yourself or comb your hair. i went to a hospital but received a beauty care. "-You're beautiful." i was told. Big deal. I made no effort for this. I was born like this and it means nothing to me. Now I'm cncerned with my HEALTH. I came here because of this."
Thanks for nothing.
Gee! I'm nervous. Now another problem to handle: calming down.
Of course the problem is ME. I'm too... whatever they want.
I'll explain the details later.
Thank you all for "being there" with me. You were all on my mind.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I believe that everybody have already heard something like this:
"-I didn't tell you the truth because I feared you were not going to accept me."

My answer:

"-I can handle the truth. It's not a huge problem and we could have discuss it. We could have find the best way to solve it in order not to hurt any of us.
But now I don't feel like even looking at you because what I cannot stand is the
lie. As a matter of fact I cannot stand all the lies you've told me.

Some people have the nerve to say:

"-But I have confessed and I only omitted one thing. What makes you think that I've said other lies?"

"-I live and breath, I live and breath.
Have a nice life."

I don't admit lying. I really hate lies. Not the social lies we tell everyday and I lie too. You know that the kind if lies I'm talking about are those who depict someone's character. No second chance for these. "Everybody lies." Yes House. But there's a limit and when someone cross the line there's no way to trust this person again. Reality is not a simple thing to deal with and we have many ways to conceal some truths in order to change reality on our side. We can make it the good way and think that this is our turn to cross the red light. Sometimes we succeed but others we can run over someone and end up feeling terrible.
So, also be careful with the lies you tell yourself.


"One told me I'd wind up dead. I'm in too generous a mood to get into who said this and, besides, I am doing quite well and were I to get into who these Nostradamuses of the mental health world are, then I'd have to point out how poorly some of them are faring despite being "experts" in bipolar disorder."

This is from Philip Dawdy's FS on the post Losing my Religion. Please take a look!
I'm still recovering.
Just found out that the diagnose from the physician was... wrong!
My problem has nothing to do with labyrinthitis disease and I must be under a GP's care not a otolaryngologist.

"Life is bigger
It's bigger than you
And you are not me
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes
Oh no I've said too much
I set it up

That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight
Losing my religion
Trying to keep up with you
And I don't know if I can do it
Oh no I've said too much
I haven't said enough
I thought that I heard you laughing
I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try..."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm not fine...

... I'll be out of blogosphere for a while.
Stay blessed.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm better!

I fear so much physicians that I wait till I can't take any longer.
I was feeling dizzy. Nope! Not withdrawal! hehehe
It's labyrinths problem. Finally the world is stand still and my relation with space had go back to normal. I didn't realize how terrible I was.
Now I'm feeling gravity's effect and I'm thinking it's wonderful even if it helps a lot the aging process.
That's normal and I don't fear getting old.
As a matter of fact I'm looking forward reaching 70 and look myself in the mirror and see what time, and gravity among other factors, has done with me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clinical trials 3

I've just found out a comment on the post Clinical trial 2 about clinical trials being made in poor countries.
This is the comment and my reply:

sahel said...

You have very well stated that clinical research is now being taken up in India seriously. I must say that still there are not many institutions offering a course on such a sensitive topic. ICRI is one of the premier institutes of the country and aims at promoting clinical research in the country. With foreign recognition and good faculty, its future prospects seem to b very bright. A number of clinical research projects have been taken up by ICRI and hav produced medicines of great value. It should b seriously considered by all aspirants of research very seriously. To apply for the the college just click on the url..http://tinyurl.com/6ellwe

justana said...

Thank you Sahel.
Just today I saw your comment.
I'll search on the links you gave me.
Let's see if I can have any good news.
But clinical trials are dangerous the way they are being cared.
You know that 5 healthy people committed suicide on Elli-Lilly's facilities during the Cymbalta clinical trials.
I'm sure you know about the TGN1412 case that happened in London in March 2006.
This is very serious!
All cares are necessary.

I just want to know where and when I stated:
"You have very well stated that clinical research is now being taken up in India seriously."
I'll have to search where I wrote it. All I know is that clinical trials are being made on hospitals not only without the consent of volunteers but without their knowledge. Perhaps one of the improvements is that people are getting informed that they are receiving a drug that is still not on the market but will soon be approved and no harm can be made by taking a drug made by a laboratory of great reputation on the west world such as GlaxoSmith, Elly-Lilly, Pfizer...
"-You know that in US and UK people volunteer on a regular basis and happily take any drug that are being tested for they rely on all labs. We have to reach globalization!"
Anyway, I'll check the site later.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've reached the end of therapy!

Finally it's over!

There are some amazing people in this world.
Not only a good actor but a man of great character.
Thanks for being so kind Fry!

Finally a good new!

This time it comes from Fiddaman and his brave work:

Wednesday, July 09, 2008
GSK Vice President resigns from Ofsted!
Just had this email from Ofsted:

----- Original Message -----
From: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk
To: fiddaman64
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 1:22 PM
Subject: Fw: Appointment of GSK Vice President to Ofsted
Dear Mr Fiddaman

Further to my email to you this morning, please be advised as follows:

Paul Blackburn resigned as a non executive member of the Ofsted Board on 5th July. His resignation follows public concerns about the activities of his employer GSK. Paul did not want any negative press interest to detract from the excellent work of Ofsted and therefore resigned. As far as Ofsted is concerned the matter is now concluded.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


Alan O'Neal
Customer Service Advisor
Ofsted - National Business Unit
Posted by Fiddy at 4:07 PM
Wednesday, July 09, 2008
GSK Vice President resigns from Ofsted!
Just had this email from Ofsted:

----- Original Message -----
From: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk
To: fiddaman64
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 1:22 PM
Subject: Fw: Appointment of GSK Vice President to Ofsted
Dear Mr Fiddaman

Further to my email to you this morning, please be advised as follows:

Paul Blackburn resigned as a non executive member of the Ofsted Board on 5th July. His resignation follows public concerns about the activities of his employer GSK. Paul did not want any negative press interest to detract from the excellent work of Ofsted and therefore resigned. As far as Ofsted is concerned the matter is now concluded.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


Alan O'Neal
Customer Service Advisor
Ofsted - National Business Unit
Posted by Fiddy at 4:07 PM

Sunday, July 06, 2008

primary psychiatric illness

This is a therapyfirst comment from Philip Dawdy's FS where there has been a discussion on primary psychiatric illness and diagnosing other diseases as such when they are not:

One of the more boneheaded mistakes of my field was to include addiction as a psychiatric diagnoisis, so now addicts literally get dumped onto psych units to be treated, and since most insurance companies seem to think that addiction is not a mental illness and not reimburse for it as the primary diagnosis, psychiatrists have to give a major psychiatric diagnosis for the hospital to be paid. And, since most addicts are all over the place with mood and thinking in intoxication or withdrawal, what is the most convenient diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder! And (wait, there is one more) what do most psychiatrists these days do with bipolar diagnoses, give the patient not one, not two, but usually three or more meds, all while in the hospital for the 4 to 7 days the patient usually stays before dumped back on the street.

I'm waiting for DSM V to include neurological illnesses as psychiatric ones, just so the book is even bigger and more inclusive with the specialty it shares as its Board Certification status (the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, for those not aware).

Another mistake was to include dementia as a primary psychiatric diagnosis. These patients become our responsibility most often now too, and our cluelessness to use antipsychotics like pez with them is coming back to bite us in the ass, as you have read here and other places.

Not that these two areas of illness do not have psychiatric aspects to them, they are just not primary psychiatric illnesses. But, make subspecialties like addiction and geriatric psychiatry, and these boneheads have to find ways to make their money.


A tip for those interested: once you identify someone as an active addict not showing any effort or interest in recovery, do not trust them. Addiction is terminal selfishness until the addict has accepted there is a problem and it needs treatment.

Noted by one who worked in an addiction rehab program for over three years. They need help, not for us to be their victims."

Posted by: therapyfirst at July 6, 2008 05:31 PM

The problem I see is that the person and their families claim that the active addicted is bipolar but hide the fact that he or she uses cocaine or other drugs. I've asked many times if he only used pot and he said that it was only pot he took. I asked if he took cocaine and for three times he said NO.
Only when I've found out that the wallet was stolen and asked him what he did with the money he said he used the money to pay for cocaine. I said: "-So you really use cocaine!" "-Yep!" was his answer. He also said he took some beer with the money. And her mother told me "-He cannot drink."
It's getting harder and harder to make sense on all of these issues.

met the fella who robbed me

This person lives in my building. Today I went to walk by the sea to try to relax and I met this fella.
He looked at me as if I was the one who did him evil!
Great! I had to take security measures in my building for i don't know who this person is connected to for he told me that one of the things he did with the money was "paying his cocaine dealer"!
The mental institution where he's being treated, as a bipolar, is in front of my house, yep, I live in front of 2 mental hospitals, and it's public and is a center of excellence on Brazilian's mental care.
The thing is that there has been robbery from people who are from this hospital in my street.
People are pissed of with mental patients from this institution.
No patient from the other ever got out to steal from people around the street.
They are not mental patients for god sake!
They are addicted to drugs and some of them steal to take streets-drugs while receive Zyprexa and others expensive medications from the hospital.
There's a band of musicians from this institution and he is actually playing guitar for them.
One of the members has committed suicide. What kind of care are these people receiving?
His mother is co-dependent and covers everything he does. I was told she is always beside him wherever he goes. In other words: if her son gets better what is she going to do with her life?
She talked to me as if the robbery was a normal and natural thing! No harm done and that I should not have said "robbery".
What do we call when a person who is bipolar takes other people belongings?
I'm not understanding anything.
This is not what I understand about mental illness, bipolarity, family support, and, of course, psychiatry.
He told me that her mother and father used to drug themselves in front of him when he was a lad.
He is 33 years old now. I believe her mother will have to take care of him for the rest of her life. Perhaps after her deathn he will have real help from what he really suffers.
All I know is that it's terrible to be robbed in your house.
Especially if a person does not receive too many people and likes to be in peace at home working and doing things.
Sometimes... i don't know what to say now...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Zyprexa and other drugs used to treat cocaine addiction

This is from this site. I wonder what else these drugs can cure.

I would only like to know why Zyprexa is being used to treat cocaine addiction.
Prozac to treat alcoholism and many other psychiatric drugs are helping people rehab.

Good! Change a drug to another. Just change the dealer.
And now people who are addicted to street drugs are being called bipolar by the psychiatrists and the family. I guess it's better to be called bipolar than drug addicted. Charming!
It also gives the psychiatric immunity in case a person commits any act under street drugs that can lead to prison.
I'm raising this issue because it has many implications.
Jesus! It's hard!


State of the art treatment is now available at New Hope Addiction Medicine. Dr. Tony Ruffa is certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Many new medications are available to treat cravings and support behavioral changes.

These medications include:

Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

Campral is a medication that helps people stay alcohol-free in combination with counseling or support groups once they have stopped drinking. Campral is thought to restore the normal brain balance, which has been disturbed in someone who is alcohol dependent.

Naltrexoneis a medicine that reduces your desire for alcohol after you stop drinking. Naltrexone may help you stay sober for a long time. Although your doctor has prescribed naltrexone to help you stop drinking, this medicine is not a complete cure for alcoholism. It can help you stop drinking while you get other treatments that your doctor will talk about with you.

Prozac affects the concentration of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which plays a role in anxiety and depression. SSRIs may be used to reduce cravings for alcohol. They are also helpful if you have a coexisting psychiatric problem, such as an anxiety disorder or depression.

Topamax which is a medicine used to treat seizures, can also be prescribed to treat alcohol problems.

Vivitrol is a long-acting form of naltrexone and has been shown to be generally well tolerated and effective for the treatment of alcohol dependence as part of a comprehensive management program. Unlike other medications that need to be taken every day, VIVITROL is taken just once a month.

Zofran is used to treat the nausea and vomiting caused by certain chemotherapies has been found to stop cravings and decrease alcohol consumption and increase abstinence in people who are early-onset alcoholics.

Zoloft affects the concentration of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which plays a role in anxiety and depression. SSRIs may be used to reduce cravings for alcohol.


Cocaine Addiction

Provigil is prescribed to reduce the high from cocaine and also reduces cocaine cravings.

Topamax which is a medicine used to treat seizures, can also be prescribed to treat patients who have a cocaine addiction.

Zyprexa is a medication that is primarily prescribed to treat Schizophrenia, but can also be prescribed to treat cocaine addiction.

This medication acts to balance two nerve impulses and, by doing so, helps restore more normal thinking and mood. In general, this medication has fewer side effects than standard antipsychotic medications.


Methamphetamine Addiction

A common antidepressant, Wellbutrin, can reduce the craving for methamphetamine, providing the possibility of a drug treatment for the powerfully addictive stimulant. Dr. Subjects who were given bupropion reported a lesser high after a meth injection as well as less intense cravings.


Narcotics Addiction

Naltrexone is used to help narcotic addicts who have stopped taking narcotics to stay drug-free. It is also used to help alcoholics stay alcohol-free. The medicine is not a cure for addiction. It is used as part of an overall program that may include counseling, attending support group meetings, and other treatment recommended by your doctor.

Suboxone allows a patient to detox from narcotics with minimal discomfort. The addiction potential is very low with Suboxone, allowing for a gradual tapering process. Some patients may function best on long term treatment with Suboxone, but this should be determined on an individual basis.

Subutex, is a long-acting opiate primarily used to treat narcotic (opioid) dependence. It is most commonly sold as a pill that dissolves under the tongue. Its main purpose is to prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring in an individual, by stimulating the opiate receptors in the brain. Subutex has a greater attraction to the opiate receptors than other drugs such as heroin and methadone, which reduces or removes the desire to take such drugs.

Vivitrol is a long-acting form of naltrexone and has been shown to be generally well tolerated. Vivitrol is also effective for the treatment of narcotics as part of a comprehensive management program.

Unlike other medications that need to be taken every day, VIVITROL is taken just once a month.


Nicotene Addiction

There are receptors for nicotine in the brain. When smoke is inhaled, nicotine attaches to these receptors. This sends a message to a different part of the brain to release a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine gives a feeling of pleasure. But it only lasts for a short time. The body wants to repeat this feeling. Based on research, it is believed that CHANTIX(tm) (varenicline) works by activating these receptors and blocking nicotine from attaching to them. However, CHANTIX does not contain nicotine.

Topamax which is a medicine used to treat seizures, can also be prescribed to treat patients who have a Nicotene addiction.

Zyban is a prescription medication designed to help smokers quit more easily than without the drug. It comes in a pill form. It does not contain nicotine.

Unlike nicotine patches or nicotine gum, Zyban does not put more nicotine into your body. If you use the patches or gum, you should stop smoking so that you don't "overdose" on nicotine. With Zyban, you continue to smoke when you first start taking the medication, eventually reaching a quit-date, and taking the drug for a period of time after quitting.


Marijuana Addiction

Acomplia depresses the appetite of obese and overweight people by blocking cannabinoid receptors found in the brain - the same receptors that stimulate feelings of hunger when people ingest THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana.

Side effects promoted by these drugs are hideous. Chantix has already led people to mania and suicides.
Zyprexa and SSRis hideous side effects are widely reported. It looks insane to use these drugs that only makes things worse.
But I'll close comments because this post because there have been many Spams. It's only informative and there's no too much to discuss.

bipolarity, drugs and character

It happened to me. I'm still feeling a mix of emotions. Someone who is on psychiatric care as bipolar came to my house and while I went to the bathroom my purse was opened and my wallet with 50 bucks was stolen. I'm missing a bracelet too but it can be someplace else.
Even the person telling the "I'm sorry" protocol it was not from the heart and I believe, even though I was totally wrong about this person, that I know when an apology is sincere. The person is sorry, I'm sure, but not because of me. First because it's was discovered and I don't believe I would have "I'm sorry" if I hadn't found out that this person did it, and, secondly because there's too much narcissism involved and other reasons I'll say later.
But the truth is that this person takes cocaine and other drugs.
No bipolar I know has ever steal a cent. My ex-husband, who suffers psychosis maniac-depressive, is perhaps the most dignified man I ever met. It's one of those few people to whom I would put my hand on fire.
I'm still very shocked to say more.
When things calm down I write about character and all complexes issues that are the title of this post.

Friday, July 04, 2008

"bipolarity" being used to cover up other problems

"If there is justice, he will win with this defense and get put in a criminally insane institution for a longer period of time than the sentence of what should have been served for a felony charge.
That is the reality of "not criminally responsible" for most defendants."
Posted by: therapyfirst at June 24, 2008 04:27 PM
This is a comment a took from this Philip Dawdy's FS on "Massachusetts Politician Set To Use Bipolar Disorder Defense For Alleged Sex Assault".

I brought it up because there are people who are on psychiatrist care, or not, because of street-drugs abuse. Some people, as long as their families, are claiming that they are bipolar and they have mood swings, steal money from others to buy drugs, lie or do whatever they want not because of the cocaine, or whatever drug they take, effects but because they are bipolar. Much more convenient and hides everything.
In an era where many celebrities are claiming they are bipolar in such a degree that it's becoming glamorous to be bipolar and the concept of bipolarity is so misunderstood it's becoming harder and harder to have real knowledge of which is which and who is who.
I feel very sad that this concept is causing so much more trouble than real comprehension and helping fight the stigma to those who suffers psychosis maniac-depressive.
At the beginning it was good not to use such a hard word. But bipolarity is causing too much harm and people are getting more and more uninformed about what it really is and even some psychiatrists are using the term to give a quick answer to problems that they still don't know but medicate.