Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peta is at Second Life - didn't find any Humans Rights advocate center

I'm visiting Second Life. It's hard to understand it all and I travel blindly.
I'm amazed that walking and being teletransported randomly I've found this Peta place.
I just took this picture but there are to much information and that was the first place I've found with lots of people working.
This is great but I always have the feeling that humans right is neglected. Of course it does not put a smile on my face but I guess we all are already used to this situation. Mental Rights advocacy seems to be a dream of some people.
Why Second Life? Because it seems that all those young people there will do a lot in the future at Second Life. I don't have patience and find a little bit strange "buy" a house, shoes, food to eat at the virtual world. But institutions are already there...
I guess it will be the place to do business and some good stuffs. There are already people making money just selling clothes to these avatar. You can see that I didn't buy anything and didn't pay for the hairstylist either.

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