Tuesday, May 19, 2009

English - the language of science (repost)

I decided to repost this not only because English gives legitimacy to many theories but also because if a doctor has any connection with no matter what US or European university or institution s/he is seen as more competent.
On this testimony it is strange that even when the drug was still on trial the Dr. Olavo was sure that "it was the best" for a patient.
Good trial because she said she keeps taking the drug.

"From time to time a Brazilian patient's book appear on the library shelves telling their lives and recovery from depression and bipolarity.

I've translated this excerpt from the book of the journalist Maria Rezende "The Journal of a bipolar" to show the importance of any information from US:

"Olavo, who is my psychiatrist, prescribed me Lamitor because he knew that it would be the best for me. Although it was for sale it was still being on trial by psychiatrist but he had access to informations because he worked in California University. This is the med I take till today."

As people are not fully informed about what is going on in US whenever someone points out an American research, FDA drug approval or informations of any kind it's taken as the most reliable scientific truth.
English is the language of science and legitimates any kind of theory or hypothesis. Physicians who are from any American university or linked to any institution are much more competent than those who aren't."


D Bunker said...

NARSAD believes that 1 in 4 Adults are suffering from a Diagnosable 'Mental Disorder'

Currently listed on NARSAD's Scientific Council are:

Frederick K. Goodwin MD
Martin Keller MD
Charles Nemeroff MD, PhD
Alan F Schatzberg MD
Karen Dineen Wagner MD

all of whom have been the Subject of US Senate Finance Committee interest in their doings involving Drug Money

Steven M. Paul MD: Executive Vice President Eli Lilly

Nancy Andreasen: who sat on her Brain Tissue Losing Photographs for a couple of years
Samuel J Keith MD
Kenneth S Kendler MD

all 3 of whom were members of the DSM-IV-TR Schizophrenia and Psychotic disorders defining Work Group, and have been identified as having Financial Ties to Drug Makers

This, is what the English language has given the Whole World, in terms of Science, ...... which is Generally, erroneously assumed to be dispassionate and somehow, Scientific. And that's just for starters.

Could we please get some Inuit speakers instead?

Ana said...

They are all there. There are some names I still don't know.
Other language...