Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mental Health Awareness Month - Calendar Project 2 and my little break

I have already posted on this great project to raise awareness.
During this whole month Chato reveals a new cartoon everyday.
This is the cartoon for today and you can click at it to see those who have already been published and the cartoon of the day.
The avid readers, specially mummy lol, must be missing my great posts.
I'm really trying to be a little more happy.
At the beginning of this month I said I was feeling sad.
Now I'm trying to catch up and be a little happy.
I'm not visiting my blog friends but I want you to know that I'm always thinking of you.
Of course Nell tells me everything too and Koda of course tells everything to Stephany, Spike to Herrad, Mark's dog and Holly, meowwww to Susan.
Nell is happy because she is going out on a regular basis. I really needed a little break. Next month it will be blog birthday. One year! I never thought I would do it.
Of course it was possible because of of you, blog friends. Thank you all!
I'm at Second Life almost everyday. I have learned how to do some stuffs. If any of you want to join me I can help you. It's very interesting and has many places to go.
I believe that in a near future we will have to have something there about Mental Health it's growing and have sites of universities and some institutions. Peta is there.
You can download Second Life and ask me for help. It's a bit tiredsome learning at the beggining. But it's funny too.
In a way it has helped me lifting up my spirit. Funny but it's been a long time I didn't dance, something I love and helps me a lot.
As I have visited some Lounges (never thought I would say this word, :)) and listened to musics I like and did my avatar dance I started dancing too.
You don't need to dance. There is plenty to do there. I'm really amazed by numerous things you can find.No need to pay.
Hope you are all fine.


soulful sepulcher said...

Glad you are getting out with Nell! taking a break is always good. Relax and enjoy!

Ana said...

Thank you Stephany!

Cathy said...

I envy you Ana, I'd love to be able to dance again! But woe is me, I cannot. You just keep doing what you're doing in life my friend, you have a refreshing sense of the world we Americans may've dulled out. Obligato!!

Ana said...

You cannot imagine how Brazilians are... I don't know. I love this people but the insanity is everywhere in the world.
To dance?
Listen to the music you like close your eyes and let yourself go.
I've read somewhere that doing it, dancing with the eyes closed and let your body go, is one of the ways to make your chakras regain energy.
I guess I have to make a post on that.
If you feel the music you can dance with your eyes open.