Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Julian Lennon talks about the difficult relation with his father

I came across with this video and felt like sharing with you. I don't mean to judge or do any harm to Lennon's reputation and it would make no sense since I like his work as a musician and as a peacemaking. I just think that what Julian says is touching.

"I was also scared at the same time because there had been some situation where he was quite verbally aggressive."

"Did he heat you?"

"Verbally aggressive and it has affected me in life."
"I used to smile a lot and smile a lot... for many years I wouldn't laugh, I wouldn't smile just because subconsciously was in there that if I tried to enjoy life I would be told off."

"Why do you think he did that to you?"

"I don't know... I think it annoyed him to a certain degree...(if you enjoyed life) yeahh.
I really don't know but it was very strange.
I feel that... I wouldn't say that it was his fault, but I feel that one of the difficulties that daddy had with me being around was... I mean... You are never ready for children. I think he definitively wasn't ready for children."

"Pretty young?"

"Yeahh. Early twenties... you know. So with the fame with everything else that was going on...
I clearly understand that. So, in respect of that... there has been opportunities where I could have children.
But in my own heart and soul I feel that there will be a right time. I have to much work to do at present for the next couple of years I will try to achieve the goals that I have set to my own mind.
Then I can seriously consider a family and take care of that family and look after that family as best as I can."

I hope you do Julian!


Monica Cassani said...

this is heartbreaking and beautiful...

It also does not surprise me at all unfortunately...though I like John Lennon...

human beings are all terminally imperfect...it's important to know this...carry it in our hearts and forgive those who hurt us because we too hurt others.

love to you Ana..
thank you.

Mari said...

That was interesting and very sad too. I hope things work out for him and a family too!

Ana said...

I don't know what to say.
You are right.

Yes it's sad.
I also hope he make his family.

Anonymous said...

Julian sounds so sad, and still has a lot of anger towards his father. I can understand why though.

I hope he gets to the place he's talking about!

Ana said...

It seems he was really put aside.
It hurts.
But his brother was also had his verbally aggressive share.