Saturday, May 16, 2009

Andy Berhman's video speaking about Abilify side effects

This is Andy Berhman's, the Electroboy, one minute video. I first saw it at Susan's blog and decided to publish it so that people can see that there are people who says good things about a drug because they were payed.

"Ask your doctor if Abilify is wrong for you."
Thank you for the advise Andy!
Of course doctors will taper the drug.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Last week I just had a heated discussion with my doctor about why I was refusing to go on Abiliy. This could not have been more timely. Thankfully, I have both my girls off it, as it made them worse.

Laura said...

Does anyone care about the consumer in any of this or is it all about making money?

Ana said...

I'm glad you can discuss with you doctor.
You have to be very patient because it will last some sessions till he understands it.
I'm so glad your girls are not taking these drugs.

Ah! The people who buy, I mean, take the drugs.
We make tests on people. Everything works great!"