Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ramblings on pain and Holly by Floriano

I don't live with Nell's mom. She likes cats but not at home. I know Nell is a great dog but I'm a great cat too that's why my daddy loves me so much. Meow, meowww!
I've talked to Nell over the phone while her mom was sleeping and she told me that her mom in doing fine and that today she will have someone helping her with the messy house.
I'm not a kitty any longer. I'm eight years-old. I would love to visit Holly. She is so pretty and smart that I think I'm already in love with her but I don't think she will want me. That's life. We have to learn to deal with rejection. It aches but it's pain my least favorite word. Any pain. I wish that there was no pain and it seems to me that human beings suffer too much for numerous reasons. It was not supposed to be like this. People should be always in a good state of mind, not happy, but centered to live the good and the bad. Bye.

Meow, meow, Bark... (I've learned that).


Mark Krusen said...

I like cats too. Imus told me to tell ya hi!

Ana said...

Meow Imus.
I did a comment at your blog but Blogger was not working.
I'll try now.

Laura said...

What a great post. I love the cat!

susan said...

Meow Floriano.

I love orange tabbies. You are abeautiful critter.


Holly and Susan

Ana said...

Meowwwww AD


I want marry Holly!

susan said...

Dearest Floriano,

Holly accepts your invitation, but wants you to know she is fixed so kittens cannot happen.

Too bad. They would be beautiful fuzz balls.

Can Imus be the best man?

Ana said...

Yes I'm!

I cannot think about anybody else to be the best man!

I'm so happy!

Mark Krusen said...

Imus said he'd be more than meeeeeeeooooooooooowwww to be the best man. I think that means yes.

Ana said...

Party! Party!
I'm going to get married!
I going to call Holly today during Susan's sleep!

susan said...

Dear Ana and Mark-

Did you guys see "Meet the parents" when Ben Stiller gets the cat to propose to the girl by putting a satin pillow on it's neck and a ring on that?

For some reason i found that to be touching, and extremely romantic.

Ana said...

The ring! I have to buy the ring.
I want to know what is Holly's favorite color.
I would like to give her an emerald because it's very pretty but I don't think she will like.
I believe it has to be diamonds.
Diamonds are the best cat's friend.
It will have to be the most beautiful and expensive and shinning... the best!
I'll go look my lover!

(Ana here, I guess Floriano got a little bit carried away. I'm starting to be a little concerned with this cat.)

Mark Krusen said...

Sounds like someone got into some catnip.

Ana said...

I have to take care Mark.
Have to think about good things.
But did a post.

susan said...

Green to match her eyes, and the color of catnip.

Holly and her mom aren't into diamonds, Holly prefers emeralds, and her mommy prefers sapphires and garnets.

Ana said...

So emerald will be!
Sapphires are gorgeous but I have to please Holly.
Sorry Madam Susan.


Delsiolive said...

HOLLY COW!!!! Yes, the kit become a cat already, and must bear that proud feline attitude toward us, humans! :o)

Ana said...

Cats have a very strange way to stare us.
They fear and threat...