Friday, October 10, 2008

English - the language of science

From time to time a Brazilian patient's book appear on the library shelves telling their lives and recovery from depression and bipolarity.
I've translated this excerpt from the book of the journalist Maria Rezende "The Journal of a bipolar" to show the importance of any information from US:

"Olavo, who is my psychiatrist, prescribed me Lamitor because he knew that it would be the best for me. Althought it was for sale it was still being on trial by psychiatrist but he had access to informations because he worked in California University. This is the med I take till today."

As people are not fully informed about what is going on in US whenever someone points out an American research, FDA drug approval or informations of any kind it's taken as the most reliable scientific truth.
English is the language of science and legitimates any kind of theory or hypothesis. Physicians who are from any American university or linked to any institution are much more competent than those who aren't.


Immi said...

That's kind of frightening. I'm going to hide under the bed now.

Ana said...

Take care Immi. You have too much to handle.