Saturday, May 16, 2009

Andy Behrman comments at Furious Seasons

Philip Dawdy has made many posts about Andy Behrman, the electroboy. In May, 14, 2009 he did this article and Andy has left a comment today:

"There's too much to address here.

But for starters, I experienced side effects from Abilify after one month. I told my doctor, Dr. Mark Frye, who happened to be a medical consultant for Abilify for BMS. There are no records of my complaints of side effects in his notes. More concerning, he doesn't even mention in his notes that he has prescribed Abilify. He knew from the beginning that I was having side effects. So did BMS. I even spoke openly about it - - while under contract with BMS - - at a DBSA event in Sacramento. I told the truth from the beginning. What no one has read - - and you will soon - - is what BMS did to cover up my side effects (when I had become so ill) - - and how they kept me quiet. Does it surprise you that a pharmaceutical company like BMS with so much to lose from their spokesman having a bad experience on the drug that they were launching may have gone to these efforts,"

Posted by: Andy Behrman at May 16, 2009 06:47 AM

Let's see what the discussion bring us.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....very sad and frightening.

Ana said...

Let's see. I left some questions.
I really hope not to be too optmistic.

Anonymous said...

This really scares me, so much. It is so very sad and infuriating. I can't thank you again, for bringing these things to light. You have no idea how much this helps me. There are so many secrets, things being hidden by the Major Drug Companies, it is criminal.

Ana said...

I raise these issues because I feel the same.
Criminal, yes!
I have to stop bringing this all up because I feel the same.
Scary, sad, infuriated and frustrated that they don't say a word.
I asked him some questions but he didn't answer till now.
I asked him if he has received the money like everybody says.
I don't want to listen to these explanations.
If he said "Yes I did receive and I feel..... whatever now."
would be of great help.
We have many of these books here in Brazil.
I know there are others in US.
It would be easier to advocate.
If he doesn't answer I will take his silence as an "Yes".
Now he is selling T-Shirts written "Bipolar" claiming that "part" of this money goes to mental health care.
A silly T-Shirt written "Bipolar"?
To whom part the other part of the money goes?
The only thing one can do at his site is buy his book or the T-Shirt.
Too much steeling involved.
Thank you for reading.

kristi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Ana said...

I've just visited you again.
I don't remember where I have leaved a comment.
You are a great mother.