Saturday, February 14, 2009

The power of each blogger - Matthew views

I'm always amazed by Matthew's analitical way and this is not the first time I use one of his comments.
He wrote a post on MK-Ultra something I didn't know existed but I know of some of it's tactics.
This is his answer to my comment:
Blogger Ana said...

I don't know why I'm so overwhelmed after reading the Wikipedia on the mk-ultra.
I'm really appalled.
I know CIA has done many of this things such as starting giving marijuana to the Black Panthers so that the group could loose their unity.
But a project like this...

14 February 2009 09:54

Blogger Radagast said...

I know: pathetic, isn't it? Rather than address the issues that people have raised, they seek to destabilize, such that those people may be ignored, or discredited - it's a recurring theme. They assume that there's a threat, rather than checking thoroughly to establish if that assumption is true.

That's why we're a real problem for them, because, unlike an organization such as the Black Panthers, we don't need that type of group identity to function. We're a group of individuals with strong moral codes and no small intellect, each capable of asking massively embarassing questions, but no more than that, because we're all peaceful people.

The CIA has its fair share of psychopaths - people who have lost the ability to make judgements for themselves and who just follow the orders of those above them (superiors who are either twisted, or who have an incomplete understanding of what's actually being done). But they're only people, individuals, like us, and it soon becomes apparent that although they're joined together under the banner of a single organization, there is no unity - they are held together by fear and ignorance, which is never a strong bond. Meanwhile, we cannot be broken apart, because we were never joined together - not in the sense that they understand, anyway (the way we rallied around Fidders when he was attacked by GSK's lawyers must have terrified them, seeing as they're not familiar with the concept of "friendship"!). (emphasis mine)


14 February 2009 10:19


Mark Krusen said...

Happy Valentines day Ana!!

Ana said...

Thank you Mark!
I go with "Friendship" on Valentine's day.

Wandering Coyote said...

Hi Ana,

Nice to make your acquaintance! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also have a mental health blog, I'm Listening.


Ana said...

I've added you!
I'm listening.