Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My house is...

...a mess. There are clothes and things spread all over the living-room. The man is at the bedroom. Yep, there he is!
All the furniture has been removed. Bye-bye termites. Where am I going to put my things? Next problem on the list.
This is the new computer. Wow! Finally I can see video, thus the amazing video with women's face I've just posted.
Now I will have to make updates for the Windows Starter Edition. This is a version only sold... for poor countries. I did not know that for every new Windows there's this version. I can only open three programmes at a time. That's very strange but this is the globalization!
Now I will be able to visit all blogs but first I will have to take care of this mess.
I'll browse around later.
Hope you are all at peace.


Mark Krusen said...

There's that man in the bedroom again. Hmmmmm.

Ana said...

He's there and he has closed the door! lol
I thought about you when I was writing this phrase.
He is preparing the walls to be painted.
At least this is what he said he is doing.

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Remember to feed the Monkey's riding the bicycle that make the motherboard run and hard drive turn; or your new computer will just shut down {Smirk}.

Was that video all women or just aliens invading? Plainly seen that there was no man in the video to keep them in their place {laughing}

I will make this short and sweet since you have a man in the bedroom you must attend too {laughing}. Please be kind and don't tell him you have joined U.G.L.Y.; and please hide that man purse Mark sent you, or you will scare the poor fellow half to death.

You're Bloggery Pal,

Stephany said...

Looks like I better get in here and defend the superior beings! (women!)

That man probably got tired of you glancing at his cute tushie while he was working Ana! LOL!

Ana said...

Dear Lord! I thought they were horses. There I go buying the peanuts.
The women in the video were painted by men!
You sound like Degas who hated women and said that he painted them ugly because the are ugly. A perfect misogynist.
Them man has just gone out. No way!
He's sweating, stinking and he doesn't speak properly!
You will hear from Stephany. {laughing}
I rather stay with the purse Mark sent.
I'll try to read important stuffs at your blog now.

Ana said...

You see Stan?
I wrote that before seeing what Stephany had commented.

Yes, I believe that's why he asked to one of the mirrors to be left in the bedroom.

Mark Krusen said...


Is Stan stalking you? When you said that guy was sweating and stinking and not knowing how to talk, I thought he might be there.

Ana said...

PreciousRock has already told me that she will kill me if I stay near Stan.
I fear her.

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Who's this PreciousRock Person? Didn't they used to have a blog and hotdog stand? I think they are dead, or were moved into State Hospital, or something like that?

Anywise, more important things to focus on now: please call President U.G.L.Y., as it his about his diaper change time; that should get him off the couch for about two minutes {Laughing} for his daily activity.

You're Pal,

Anonymous said...

You guys are totally goofy. I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. Must be inside jokes.

Ana said...

PreciousRock will take the necessary steps.
I don't even want to hear about it.
Take care.

Do you believe I always know what Stan and Mark are talking about?
I'm just taking a little time to rest.

susan said...


I don't have a clue either but I enjoy watching/reading the banter .....

Ana said...

This is the only thread in my blog that is like this. :(
Now people will think that I'm not serious.
sniff, sniff...

I'm trying to relax a little.

Characters of the thread:

Handyman: the man that is working at the bedroom I turned into my studio.

Monkeys: something Stan invented.

PreciousRock: for those who don't know is the owner of BipolarLife.

U.G.L.Y. - something Stan invented. I guess that's the way he refers to Obama.

stinking and sweating: from another thread I told Mark about the Handyman.

I have to start writing serious stuffs again.

I will loose my credibility this way.


susan said...


This silliness happens when boys get into the chocolate they bought for their girlfriends for Valentine's Day and eat them.

Either that or too many of my cat's catnip mousies have leaked all over the internet and everyone is high on nip!

Ana said...

You are right about the boys!
I'm a little sad lately, yes still sad because of some circumstances.

I'm really trying to avoid the sadness and anger that dealing with mental health issues bring to me.