Friday, February 20, 2009

Michelangelo's David before and after visiting US - Friday fun

I've found it here and felt like sharing. Susan, I didn't forget you have asked for David. At the blog I've found it's said that one his sponsors were MaCDonald's among others. I wonder what would have happen if he came to Brazil. No Stan. I'm not publishing because he is in the nude. I'm concerned with his health. Naturalgal, I'm concerned with his health. I swear!


Mark Krusen said...

Ok I'm really Po'd now. Ana, did my wife send you that picture of me on the right?

Stan said...

Dear Ana;

So Michelangelo's David went to a psychiatrist and is now taking A-typical anti-psychotics! Didn't he get "Informed Consent" and realize he'd pop on a few extra pounds? Does this crazy madness never end? {Smirk}

By the way Ana, you’re still a pervert anywise! {Laughing}

I'm actually surprised the higher God hasn't struck you down with a lightning bolt today; or at the very least the Poop or was that the Pope?? would give you a good spanking or something naughty!

You're Bloggery Pal,

Wendy said...

Oh Ana - I don't know if this gave Susan a laugh, but it sure made me smile... Now I know what my husband would look like if he would just get his lazy ass to the gym!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Wow, really brings home the seriousness of the obesity epidemic ;)

Ana said...

You are not obese. You are chubby like Robin Williams.
Susan knows what I think about chubby men.

I think you've cracked the code.
This is the real reason but "the consortium" claims that David ate too much.
I think I have to make an update with your information.
I'm not the one who created this things.
God laughs. The church has no sense of humour.

I'm happy it made you smile.

I knew someone would understand my real intentions!
thank you for dropping by.

D Bunker said...

I can only hope that our new President Never gets 'Mental Healthed'.....

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 305.10: Nicotine Dependence

and put on Zyprexa for the couple of cigarettes he smokes every now and then.

Ana said...

D Bunker,
They also want to put "caffeine withdrawal" at DSM-5.
I've wrote about it here
They want to treat "human condition" and the scary of it all is that they are doing it.

D Bunker said...


Attempting to eradicate all of humanity's low moments without at the same time eradicating all of humanity's high moments is a logistical impossibility, given the current, chemical Sledgehammer treatment paradigm.

I'm hesitant to darken this post's mood, BUT: take the analogy to its extreme: suicide.

Psych Drugs are sold to prevent suicide, even though they statistically Increase the behavior.

The Behavior has been with mankind in Every recorded age, Long before Psych and its Drugs. Hundreds of $ Millions are poured into researching the Genetics of such negative Behaviors, and it's All, Worse than a waste, because it only leads to Diagnoses, Labels, and drugs which Cause suicide.

IF, ..... the Behavior itself was Genetic, Why, haven't those defective Genes Already suicided themselves out of the Gene Pool?

It's not as though they're reproducing themselves in great numbers

Ana said...

D Bunker,
I publish these funny stuffs just to take a little breath and I always fear publishing them but I believe we need it because we deal with very stressful issues.
People use to condemn suicide as if it was something related to weakness. I don't see it this way.
Never did.
I had drug-induced suicidal ideation while I was tapering off Effexor.
For two times I always did it.
This is the suicide I condemn. I didn't want to die.
It's something very strange and has nothing to do with real wanting to die.
I'm so "for" suicide that I believe that every person should have assisted suicide whenever he/she wants.
I will say nothing else. I'll write a post on this when the right time comes.
I fear being misinterpreted.
The "lows" of human condition must disappear.
Even the "ups". If a child is too active... Risperdal...

Anonymous Drifter said...

lol too funny!

Ana said...

Thank you God!
I was fearing it was too much, that I had exaggerated.

susan said...

Wendy, it made me blow milk out of my nose ,.

I am just trying to picture all the extra marble Michalangelo had to use for the love handles.

Ana, it's brilliant. I sent it to my mother. I hope she laughs too.

Ana said...

The extra marble! Didn't thought about that!
I hope your mother likes it.

Anonymous said...

This is funny.

Ana said...