Friday, February 13, 2009

Sara Carlin and Traci Johnson R.I.P. - SSRI victims

Fiddy has published a video for Sara Carlin a Paxil victim. Her story is explained at this post:

Source: Oakville Beaver

Sara Allison Carlin was an active, enthusiastic and academically successful student in high school. But all that changed in her final high school semester when she was prescribed the anti-depressant drug, Paxil, for anxiety. What followed was a downward spiral that ended in suicide. In order to prevent other parents from experiencing such a tragedy, Sara's parents contacted The Oakville Beaver to tell her story.

Read heartbreaking story HERE

"Sara, suffering from the side effects of a powerful anti-depressive drug, grabbed a piece of electrical wiring, fashioned a crude noose and hanged herself in the basement of her parents's house."

She was 18 years old when she hanged herself. Seven days ago I remembered five years of Traci Johnson's suicide also by hanging herself during Cymbalta clinical trials. Traci was 19 years old.


Stephany said...

Very sad story.

Mark Krusen said...

Yes Ana that is a very sad story.

Mark p.s./Mark p.s.2 said...

Its horrible what chemicals can induce people to do. Her mind was not her own, when she decided to take her life. I hope a higher power is watching this injustice.

Ana said...

Stephany and Mark
... yes, too sad.

Mark p.s.?Mark p.s.2

You are right. She was not in her mind. I have experience drug-induce suicidal ideation.
It's really something very strange and too strong.

andrew said...

Hello Ana,

Very sad story. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling good at the moment. I am also struggling still.
In relation to the meds, I think the strong effects of SSRIs are often overlooked. At the end of the day, these drugs are designed to affect the working of the brain. It is inevitable that some undesired effects are going to happen. I just feel that the devastating effects that can happen are often overlooked and put down to personality or character. I know that my meds have changed the way I feel, think and act. Sometimes tis worries me. However what is the alternative?
All the best to you,

Ana said...

Thank you Andrew!
Hope you get better.
I wish I had never taken an SSRI.