Thursday, February 19, 2009


When I started this blog I never thought I would be doing it the way I'm. I never know if it's good or not but it doesn't matter. I never know what is the right direction, if I'm approaching things with... blah blah blah... I have many doubts.
But what I could never imagine is the way you all have received me.
I still feel an alien from time to time and being a Brazilian contribute a lot to this feeling. Writing, or scribbling in English is also something that I'm always confronted and fearing I'll not... blah blah blah LOL...
The good thing with the English is:

1 - I'm understanding the exactly meaning of some words, some that has no translation into Portuguese, and also some cultural aspects of American culture and some of the British that is only possible when we interact with people in their country:
2- I believe I'm digressing but there I go: Monday I was at an elevator and a couple was talking French. I've spent one year in Paris so I understand everything. The man asked the girl if they reached the floor and I answered him because I thought it would be polite to let them know that someone could understand them. They started to talk to me and I could not even say that I've spent one year in Paris because English was on my mind and blocked the French mode. Now when English is on my mind it always refers to you all.

After this digression I have to say that Stan has honoured me with the "Inspirational Blogger Award". Stan was the first one to comment on this blog and to put it on his sidebar. When I saw it on that sidebar I realized that it was for real and got a little scary. I'm still scary. Yes. Now it's because I have met so many amazing people that I don't want to let them down.
As always all persons involved with an award are great. Stephany who have given it to Stan is always inspiring me and many others. She also helped me keep on with the blog by showing me that I had a voice.
Both has given this award to amazing people.
I am grateful to be part of such a selected group.
No Groucho Marx*, this time I don't agree with you. I'm proud to be member of this club.

*"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."
- Groucho Marx


Mark Krusen said...

If your referring to me when you say Groch Marx. You must have misunderstood my comments. I too am honored to receive the award because 99.9% of the post on my blog are just mindless babblings.

Something must have gotten lost in the translation.

Anonymous Drifter said...

Congratulations on the award Ana!

Ana said...

No! It's Groucho Marx.
"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."
- Groucho Marx

I wrote Grouch without the "o". I've corrected it.
Mindless babblings?
No Mark!
I enjoy your blog because of the way it is.
I believe that every blog is unique and one help another.
Stan would never give you an award if he thought it about your blog.
You know Stan damn well to be aware of this.

Anonymous Drifter,
Thank you!