Monday, February 16, 2009

Sad eyes...

Yesterday I was watching some videos and I've noticed that Pearl Jam's vocalist Eddie Veddy's eyes look as if he has been there. His lyrics tell the story of a difficult infance and looking at him I could not help seeing not only this kind of sadness but also a kind of questioning, amazement and helplessness.
I can see it in some people because my eyes have something related to all these even after twenty years of therapy.
I can also smile with my eyes, I've been told. However I know this look will never go away. I'm not talking about sorrow or sadness of everyday life.
It's something different. Something that tells others that you've been there.
I cannot explain what there means. I believe you all know what I'm talking about.
I hope Stephany writes something about this. She is very good with words and in explaining these things.

Update: Today I was walking at the streets and felt like crying. I had a sunglasses and sometimes I've wear it. This is sadness of everyday life but also of the "there" thing.
Wow! The title of this post should have been: "The There Thing"


Anonymous Drifter said...

I can sometimes tell if someone's been "there" by their eyes too. I don't know if my eyes show that I've been there or not.

Ana said...

I always was suspicious. But now I'm sure it does. I saw my photos when I was younger and I could see it. But I always thought that I could pretend I was not.
Sometimes I believe I can make believe I haven't. But I'm not sure.
And it's something you cannot ask:
"Do you think my eyes show that I've been "there"?"
"Say what?"

Clueless said...

Some people "know" when they meet me before I say anything. I can do the same with others, sometimes. But, definitely after talking with them a short time.

Of course, you may use my post. If you link on the bottom, link it will take you to the image that is directly on Polyvore and you can receive the actual code from it.

Stephany said...

I believe what is actually showing in our eyes is wisdom based on experience of pain and suffering, and because of that, we have compassion and ability to smile with our eyes.

I remember when I walked my oldest daughter at age 5 to school her first day. I had my other 2 in the stroller. As I left the school, and my oldest for the first time at school, I cried all the way home. I got out my sunglasses, afraid people would see me.

A decade or so later that little baby in the stroller (the one I write about)went into a psych ward. I left sobbing.

Tears and their meaning, and what they represent change over time.

What I thought was sad at one time, isn't now, it's a joyful memory (the first day of school).

Eventually, things based in sadness, become joy. That's the hard lesson to embrace, and allow ourselves to feel again--to feel again.

Take the sunglasses off and let 'em see the tears of a wise woman.

Anonymous said...

i know eyes say so much more than words or actions do...

Ana said...

Thank you!
I believe that copying and pasting add the image.

I never thought that tears and their meaning change over time.
Yes, it does change.

You cannot lie with your eyes. That's why when we lie we cannot stare at the person we are lying too.