Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Physician mistreat one blog friend

I've just visited Anonymous Drifter and came across with this:
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hmm, That Was Kind of Bizarre

While at my psychiatrist's we talked for awhile about my hearing loss. She asked if I was going to purchase hearing aids. I said I would but I didn't have the money to cover such a large purchase. She asked me if social assistance could help. I said no because my husband and I make too much money to be able to obtain any assistance. Then she said, "Well, when your mother dies can you have hers?" This strikes me as such a strange question to ask. Maybe it's just me.

No, it's not just you. I'm appalled by this. I had to share it with other people. Is it the way physicians help their clients?

PS: We are so used to hear terrible stories that something like this should be considered "just on of those little stories". However I believe that these little stories are serious because it reflects on which basis the relationship patient/doctor is based.
I have a lot to say about it but now I'm too tired. Hope you can understand what kind of ethics I'm raising.


Hopeful Heart said...

This is an odd comment on the part of the physician! Hmmm.....
Kudos to you for assigning importance to each and every story! I really agree with you on this!
I hope you are feeling better?
Hopeful Heart

Ana said...

We all have our own stories and friend's too.
This is one sad example.
Whenever I go to a physician I don't call him Mr. Dr.... blah blah... till he/she proves me I'm in front of someone who deserves it.
I'm sad because of some stuffs.
I'll rest to get some strength.
You didn't start your blog. :)

Hopeful Heart said...

Hi Ana,
Checking back, as I had wondered how you are doing.

I am sorry you are going through a time of sadness. I hope this passes for you, as you gain healing.

I have sometimes made the mistake of not allowing a reasonable amount of time for sadness/grief and have found myself having to go back and do it al over again. This is a mistake I have had to correct a few times in my life.

No, I did not start a blog. *laughing* It is not a bad idea! I really am enjoying reading blogs and commenting. I am afraid if I had a blog I might not have time to visit other blogs and interact with your special "blog family!"

I hope your rest is very peaceful!
Take care!;)
With Appreciation,
Hopeful Heart

Ana said...

Hopeful Heart,
Yes, we have to follow "acceptance".
It takes time to visit blogs.

herrad said...

Hello Ana

How insensitived of the doctor
Do they do a course to maake them less sensitive to patients/

Take care.

Ana said...

Isn't it amazing?
Thanks for sharing my indignation.
They have to learn not to be empathetic with the patients pain because otherwise it would be hard to have a clear mind.
But it shows how far from "humans" some of them are.
I wonder what kind of mother this woman is.

herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Last year saw my neurologist again after 1 year.

He came to get us in the waiting room and his jaw dropped when he saw me.

He looked at me open mouthed and asked me how I had managed to get into a wheelchair so quickly?

Dreadful manner very unsympathetc man.


Ana said...

I guess I will make a post asking people to tell such experiences.
I believe they just see the "disease" and the pattern they know.
And we are not talking about errors.
It's amazing that they make so many mistakes and are not punished.