Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Lobotomist

I am now watching “The Lobobtomist.” You can watch the full program on PBS.org American Experience.

There are twelve chapters telling the story of lobotomy since it's creation by Walter Freeman, M.D., passing through the chemical lobotomy - thorazine created on 1954 -, when physicians started to condemn the surgical procedure, till now.

It's amazing how history repeats itself. It seems that physicians changes their minds only when a new treatment is found and apparently causes no harm.
This is sad.
On the first video there's this observation by Robert Whitaker the "Mad in America" author:

"The lesson here is not how a man can go off the rails but is how science can go out off the rails."


susan said...

Thank you for this Ana.

Will try to watch but lobotomies ran in my biological family, so it might be hard.

Take care .

Ana said...

Don't watch if it makes you sad. No need to this extra.

Take care!