Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quietness and those rare moments

. . .

Sometimes I experience quietness and it's good.
I don't know why today I thought about those rare moments when the sight of a person you love a hug or looking into each others eyes makes the time stops and the whole universe makes sense.

It last seconds and time starts flying again with all it's problems and a promise of peace, or who knows, happiness.
So I would like to tell my friends that I'm trying to easy my mind and I'm having troubles visiting some blogs. I've tried Stan, Mark Krusen and D Bunker but the computer always freezes.
I'm concerned with Clinically Clueless because she did not write for two weeks and in her last post she said she was going to be hospitalized.
I would like to make a big hug with all the names of wonderful people I met but I fear forgetting someone.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((ALL OF YOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Mark Krusen said...


What's wrong? Are you having trouble with your Internet connection?

I hope everything is going well for you. You sound like your kinda lost a little bit.

You can email me at Mkrusen@twcny.rr.com if you can't get on my blog for some reason.

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

That's some lame excuse you came up with not to read the manly men blogs {If you can count Krusen carrying his sequin blue Purse while wearing Depends Diapers manly}!

Though it is possible my blog has been banned in Brazil for content {Laughing}. I still think you can come up with a better excuse; like the termites ate my computer or something like your cat erased your blog from my favorite places!
Anywise, hope all is well with you.

I guess I can write funny made up stories on my blog about you now; since you can't read it {Smirk}. Take good care my friend.

You’re Bloggery Buddy,

Ana said...

This computer is old and the Windows is Millenium (2000).
Next week I will start using the new computer and I believe it will work.
Sometimes it's impossible to download some blogs.
Yes, you can read between the lines. :)
I'm kinda lost a little bit.
But it will go away.
Thank you for the e-mail. I'll put it on my contact list.
Hope you, Cindy and that beautiful baby are all at peace.

I cannot access Clinically Clueless.
I cans access Shiv, Matthew, Fiddy (one post at a time)
and... Philip.
Brazil has banned me because of content. {laughing}
I've read your last post but the computer has frozen and I didn't leave a comment.
I would like to publish it.
Mark is manly no matter what!
Thank you for the great excuse that I will use when I need it:
"I'm sorry I didn't answer you e-mail asking me to make that translation for free. Termites ate my computer." LOL
I'm looking forward reading what you'll write about me.
Thank you Stan!
You made me laugh and remember my sense of humour.
I'll try once again to access yours and Mark and leave a comment.

susan said...

Wow Ana, all this male attention! YOu are one lucky lady!

And they don't know what I know about you- they will be coming out the wood work if they knew how sexy and sultry your voice is!

I was wondering about Clueless, she hasn't shown up in my feeder for ever. Thank you for the thumbs up.

The party is later in the day. I got real nice bones from the butcher for the doggies- I just have to figure out how to send it to Nell. I know she will be there in spirit.

Good luck with the new computer.

Ana said...

They woo me because they know it's impossible to meet me. lol
If you have a chance tell D Bunker that I cannot visit his blog. Last time I did try it was a very good post but... the computer frozen.

I'm looking forward listening from Clinically Clueless.

Happy Birthday to Holly!

Nell is barking melodically. I guess she is singing.

This week will be difficult because the man will work at this bedroom.

I will have to take everything out of here.

susan said...


Men in your bedroom!

Dish sweetie! Is he cute?

Does he like Nell?

Laura said...

I miss quietness and those rare moments.

Ana said...

It's the room I turned into a studio.
He's a handyman.
Everybody Loves Nell!
If not it's not worthy making friends or be around this person.

Ana said...

Anonymous Drifter,
I also miss them.
Some of them are in my memory and it's good.

D Bunker said...

Ana; if you have trouble getting to my blog and you'd like to, drop me a note @


That way we can communicate and I (think) I can e-mail you the post itself whenever I post.

I hope you're doing well.

soulful sepulcher said...

Emailing the posts is a great idea!

Ana said...

I've just add your blog to my "following" list.
Now I can visit one post at a time.
I hope this week I can have the new computer working.
I'm fine.
Thank you for the visit!

Ana said...

You wrote when I was commenting.
It's always good to "see" you!

soulful sepulcher said...

It's always good to see you too!

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

If you are going to actually accuse me of working with the CIA, Mother Ship, and Penguins; to take over the world and rule with a relatively rational constitution and even keel. Then you better have some strong evidence to back your wild accusations up; I might have to order that you be taken out, or have an explosive micro chip inserted in your brain for certain behavioral control methodology {Laughing}.

Nice to see you finally got in my blog; even if it was just to make sure I wasn't making fun of you {Smirk}

You're Pal,

Ana said...

You always teach me and inspire me because you have a wisdom of dealing with adversities that few people has. I believe that's one of the reasons you are admired by so many.

I know you just wrote another post. I went to your blog but this thing frozen and I'm deeply concerned because I did not had the time to see what you have made up.
I'm sure you wrote about me.
We are on a serious trouble here.
I will report you to my government right now.
You know damn well what Brazilian politicians are capable to defend their citizens.
Be careful. LOL
I would like a micro chip to help me withdraw the drugs I take.
I believe this is the only way.
Perhaps it would be good to treat long-term harms done by these drugs.

Mark Krusen said...


To read Stan's post You have to be on drugs.I've gotten to where when I go over to Stan's blog. I stand upside down with my left hand covering my right eye and sing the song "We are family" backwards, that everything he says makes sense.

Now about this guy in your bedroom?Hmmm.

Andy Alt said...

Ana, if your computer freezes at some web sites, you might try this Firefox Extension: Noscript

Another good extension is Adblock Plus

Ana said...

Thank you! I knew I had to do something of this kind.
The handyman?
Hmmm... The problem is that he doesn't speak English. I like to see some channels that don't have subtitle and... he's married. :(

I'll try the the extensions.
Thank you for the information.
I really hope this week I can make the new computer work.

soulful sepulcher said...

Thank you Ana ((HUGS)))

Ana said...


Anonymous said...

i came to your site through ClinicallyClueless site. i, too, am worried but by the sounds of it, i think she is doing ok.

i like what your site has to share for others...
i would like to add you to my blogroll, and i hope you can get to your new computer soon...

Ana said...

Thank you!
I'll surelly add you to my blogroll.
I'm glad to know that Clinically Clueless is doing ok.