Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clinically Clueless is back!

Monday, February 16, 2009
Everyone, thank you for your overwhelming support. I'm still adjusting and sleeping most of the day, so it is taking some time to reacclimate to the real world. Tomorrow I should have a post about some of my hospitalization experience.

Hospitalization - by ClinicallyClueless on Polyvore.welcome

Welcome back CC! Thank you for the beautiful mural. Yes! Life is about creating yourself.


Clueless said...

Ana-Thank you for posting this. What a warm welcome.


Ana said...

You cannot imagine how happy I felt knowing you were back.
I wrote in Feb, 7 a post on a post:
"I'm concerned with Clinically Clueless because she did not write for two weeks and in her last post she said she was going to be hospitalized."
We fear hospitalization because many of our blog friends have had terrible experiences.
Good to know you made friends and was well treated.