Thursday, February 26, 2009

AstraZeneca, Pharmas and Psychiatry - acceptance

Our minds moves in mysterious ways. This week I said I was working on acceptance. Today I found out that AstraZeneca, Eli-Lilly, Johnson&Johnson and some universities have visited the post on Wayne Macfadden affairs that I wrote yesterday in a sarcastic way. It would usually triggers the old anger I used to feel, the sadness and I would probably write another post full of rage.
No. I'm not feeling anything of this kind. It's just another fact, I have post some comments at Furious Seasons and nothing more.
I believe that I reached acceptance and this is good.
In my life I have noticed that there is a process that I cannot explain exactly. But I believe that I can put something in my mind - in this case accept what has happened to me related to psych-drugs - and during a period of time I grieve but deep inside I feel something telling me "You have that goal to achieve." and I keep going thinking that I will never reach the end of this road.
One day I realize that... I got there!
The reward is relief, appeasement and freedom. Freedom because whenever one hate something or someone slavery is the relationship one have with this other.
So here I am.
No! Don't you think I will ever give up fighting them. I have already urged AstraZeneca to donate to Furious Seasons at this spring fundraiser. I left a comment there and I'm asking here again, AstraZeneca. You know I pay too much to buy Seroquel.
But I am doing it in the most calm way with my mind at peace, breathing and with an open heart.
Thank all of you who helped me on this whole process.

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