Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My best friend when I was nineteen

This picture will stay here only for one day.
Can you see the "there" look I told you?


Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Is this where you hung out smoking that whacky tobacco while having those wild naked swimming orgies? {Laughing}

Now only a trite 70 years later you’re posting the sealed documents related to your debauchery; which sounds eerily like an AZ legal team maneuver to me {Smirk}

Hope you’re having a peaceful and contented day in this surreal world known to many as Wally World Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

You're Bloggery Pal,

Ana said...

This is an art school I used to go.
You are not that wrong that people uses to smoke not only tobacco.
But at that time I hardly spoke to other people and was really concerned with my work. I was thinking about it, probably. Also some issues that was going through.
Great day! Great day!

Hopeful Heart said...

Hi Ana!

Is this really you?

I cannot believe I'd taken a moment to stop by today and I get to see the picture that will be here for only one day? Lucky me! :)

Great blog, Ana!:)

With Appreciation,
Hopeful Heart

Ana said...

Yes, that's me.
This photo was taken by an American photographer of UPI agency.
I was sat in another place and when she passed by she took a picture of me.
I' talked to her and she asked for another one.
She was kind enough to send by mail for me.
It was really kind since we didn't have e-mail and she had to pass glue on stamps and make the whole process... lol

Mark Krusen said...

I too got lucky to be here on the day!! It's nice to see how you looked back then.

Ana said...

Thank you Mark!
I did it because I saw this at your blog.
It's less embarrassing disguised as a cover.

Stephany said...

I think you should leave the photo there.Actually, why not place it on your sidebar?

What were your dreams then? One quote I read once said, don't forget them because they are the the blueprint of your soul.

Sometimes, we feel we loose site of dreams. Maybe that's OK, because as we get older the dreams change, and we get wiser.

Life is too short to remember the "lost days"; when we were young, I think many of us felt lost. Maybe some still do.

I think we get trapped in a world of pain and suffering and must break free of that to truly get what we deserve from life, because life is just too short.

Have a good day


Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Since you personally have used my humble likeness in picture form on this blog; with the malice intent of sending marauding packs of wild women that are hormonally imbalanced crazed nuts jobs chasing after me.

Your picture will now live on in infamy also; since I have saved it to alter and repost at a later time when you least expect it too. {Laughing}

You're bloggery Pal,

Marissa Miller said...

Cool! I always wondered what you looked like! Now I have an idea.

This now gives me an incentive to check your blog every day. :)

Ana said...

You brought tears to my eyes.
You're good reading between the lines and discovering what people are not saying.
I don't miss those days.
I don't leave the photo because I don't want to be recognized in Brazil.
I've just published it because the best way to hide from Brazilians is here.

I knew you would do something of this kind.
I will say: "This is not me!" I would never let my hair curly this way and I'm never alone. And please!
I never look sad. lol

Yes, we are curious. Good to know that it's an extra reason for you coming here.

susan said...

You look like exactly how I pictured you. Beautiful brunette.


Now you must post a Nell picture.

Mark Krusen said...

I got to thinking about it, and I agree with Stephany. You ought to use that picture in your profile.

Ana said...

Telepathic sharing image. :)

Brazilians, I fear Brazilians.

susan said...

Ana and Mark,

I don't fear Brazilians. I fear Brazilian waxes.... OUCH!

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

"The only thing we have to fear; is fear inself". OK, that and a few of those crazy Brazilian Nuts! {Laughing}

You're Bloggery Pal,

Ana said...

I don't fear Brazilians waxes but I don't do it.
I hate to see such procedure being called "Brazilian".
There are strange things associated to Brazil.

I love your president quotation. Sometimes I think about it and it is so true.
The normal Brazilian nuts are really scary!