Saturday, February 28, 2009

America - no money for health!

I'm visiting blogs of people with other health problems and I'm getting more and more appalled by American Health Care system. This is from Herrad's blog who lives with multiple sclerosis. As always money is the problem. There is no money for health.
I am waiting for the day that instead of measuring health by a statistic of life expectancy of each country quality of life will be the real parameter.
"It seems that the buying policy is to buy a job lot of ugly, heavy wheelchairs and give everyone that applies for a wheelchair one of them regardless of their actual requirements.

No consideration is made of general health and welfare nor do they seem to trust the feedback from their clients ignoring any comments about shortcomings of the aids."

"The consequence of my case manager and advisor ignoring my feedback and requests for help has been a horrible pressure sore and 6 months in bed up to now before I can sit up again."

"That is much more expensive in terms of the increased care I have needed plus the opportunity cost of having months of my life literally taken away from me.."
Read the whole post here.

Update: March, 2 2009
I've just remembered that Herrad lives in Amsterdam not in US. I believe the title of the post should be "World - no money for health!" but this change would not appear. I'll contact people from US to see how do they have their wheelchairs. I'm afraid I will not have a different story. But I have to do it.
I'm sorry.


Laura said...

The whole situation is appalling.

Mark Krusen said...

Good afternoon Ana,
I just stopped in to see what condition your condition was in.

How is life treating you today?

Ana said...

Anonymous Drifter,
I don't know what head of states have in mind.
French people also complain.
According to me principles health should be first item on any agenda.
Education second.
But it seems they don't care.

I'm great!
Guess we have to think how we treat life otherwise it can win.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Ana, I'm afraid you will be waiting for a long time, if not forever. It really is sad and pathetic.

Ana said...

I hope it gets better.