Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Philip Dawdy fundraiser time

Philip Dawdy is starting the Spring Fundraising for this spring so that he can keep on with his work at Furious Seasons.
Have you ever picture yourself having to ask for money to do your job? I can imagine how Philip feels every time he has to make these fundraisers. I would just like to remember that this is what honourable, ethical and dedicated people have to do in this strange world where money became an end in itself and global economy means capital coming and going without reaching the vast majority of population.
Yes, I said population because the word people don't seem to make any sense for some politicians.
It seems that individuals have become something abstract.
Or perhaps it's me.


Hopeful Heart said...

Hi Ana!

Thanks for remindng us all of Phil's excellent work and his incredible blog!:)

I need to stop by and do my part there!
Hopeful Heart

Ana said...

He deserves much more than he asks.

Hopeful Heart said...

Yes, he does!
So many deserve so much more than they request... from life, in general.
Just checking in this morning!;)
I hope you have a good day!
Hopeful Heart

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

Please come forth and receive;


Yours Truly,

Ana said...

Are you sure you're talking to me? {looking if there's something behind me}
There I go after all I'm talking to Him!
Thank you God!
Your creature,