Sunday, August 03, 2008

Women's sexual sactisfaction responsible for their mental condition!

Yesterday a discussion started on FS on the post "Risperdal And Abilify Lead To Hundreds Of Adverse Events Reports For Kids, Teens". Parallel to the discussion on the topic it was raised the abuse committed by some psychiatrists and female patients.

Back on 1987 I wrote to a newspaper on the Juan Carlos Kusnetzoff book "O Homem sexualmente feliz" - "The Sexually happy man" and it was a good reading. I remember he talked about meds that causes harm to sexuality. Of course antidepressants were on the list. He also wrote "The Woman sexually happy." None of them were translated into English and it seems that neither was "Andropausia" and "El Gran Dilema del sexo."
He is a good writer.

These are the comments from FS:

"Psychiatry is male dominated and also has a hugh rate of abuse between doctor and patient, usually male to female patient"
It's not unusual that women who replies "-No!" to the question "-Are you married?"
receives a sarcastic smile from the psychiatrist implying that all her problem is lack of sex.
It does not happens to men.
I've already received this "smile" once. I didn't had the attitude I have with physicians today.
If so he would have been asked:
"-What about YOUR sex life? Are you sure your orgasm is not just a mechanical response? Have you ever had a real good orgasm?"

Posted by Ana at August 2, 2008 02:22 AM

This is Susan's reply:

Hey Ana, thank you! I wish I had a nickel for every time some assat pdoc has told me I wouldn't be this way if I could get laid, or was being laid regularly.
You are right, they would never ever say that to a man.
I'll tell you one worse. When I was 17 I had to get a gynecological exam before I could live on the college campus. Some strange rule they had for women. Anyway, I went to the one my mother used. He got me up in the stirrups, I was petrified and abashed. He poked around in there, and in front of my mother and the assisting nurse he says "Holy cow Mary, I got a virgin! I haven't seen one of those in years!".
I started crying. I was never so embarressed or mortified in my entire life. You wouldn't see a doc say that to a man, "Holy cow, I got one that is circumsized/uncircumsized, I haven't seen one of those in years".
I'm lucky now, I got a good female doc who cares. But sometimes I think they should teach med students to have a bit of hubris and care a bit more. Be less like House and more like Marcus Welby. But then I can say that about almost any profession.
I just wanted to say you aren't the only other one to have that experience.

Posted by susan at August 2, 2008 06:51 AM

It's not only psychiatrists that claims this nonsense and treat patients this way. It's usual that people with tell a woman "-she needs!" and it's said as a joke. People are not informed about sex. It seems as if males have no sexual problems.] and women only could have pleasure with men...Gee! I know many married women who has no sexual life whatsoever! They don't even have "lonely pleasure"! Aren't people reading these mags that talk openly about sexual life?

There are plenty talking about sex nowadays.

I'll end this post in the afternoon... too much to say.;..

I didn't write it today. There are many aspects of this issue and my mind went thinking on other issues. I know what I have to say but I'll wait till the right time.


susan said...

I look forward to reading what you have to say later today Ana. Thank you for printing my story.

One more. While I was married, my ex convinced the pdoc to put me on Viagra because I didn't want to sleep with him and I was unresponsive. It bothered him that I would just lie there and when it was over I would have tears rolling silently out of my eyes.

I tried to tell him that

1. Once a woman hits 40 she needs something called "foreplay" to get her in the mood,

2. and wants to be cuddled after, not tossed away like blow up doll.

He replied that was ridiculous. It was always wham bam, thank you ma'am.....and that was good enough.

Needless to say the Viagra didn't work. But I can say honestly, it;s one of the few scripts I ever had that gave me no side effects either. Well, it was responsible for hubby leaving, but in hindsight, that was a BLESSING!

justana said...

Thank you for sharing your story.
I'm so angry!
I have already tried Viagra when I had sexual problems related to SSRI.
No side effects either!
I'll have to rest for a while, a little difficult because after reading some stuffs on FS i'm infuriated! LOL
It's not only after 40. Women, at least this is me and many friends and even mags write about it, all women need to foreplay.
It's funny you've mentioned Viagra because I was thinking: some of these men are so ridiculous that they take 2 o 3 pills of Viagra have an orgasm and "think" their sexuality is solved!
Some of them haven't ever had a good orgasm a single day on theirs lives.
Trust me!
I love men you that is reading it.
But some of you are hopeless.
I know, I know... some women are too.
Who told you gender makes character?