Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brazil and psychiatric problems

We don't have data; we don't have NGOs; we don't have any psychiatrist that does the work like Peter Bregguin, David Healy, Joseph Glenmullen and others; neither layman like Charles Medawar who, for more than ten years, have done a great job not only in Socialaudit but acted politically; patients blogs are linked to psychiatrists and the most known are always claiming that one drug was of great help - chemical imbalance causes depression -; we don't have any politician, celebrity, journalist, whoever advocating pro rational use of psychic drugs; we don't even have a regulator like FDA or MHRA to watch and to address for our ANVISA does nothing; psychiatrists remain silent when asked by any of these big issues that are being discussed on US and UK; we know cases of death on mental institutions but we are silenced because all the information and data are erased - that's why Damião Ximenes case is so important to us; we don't have a single site advocating; we don't have any movement; we don't have who to talk to either from the government of from the psychiatric side; psychoanalysts who are eager to talk about it are silenced and have no acess to the media; we don't have the media, not a single newspaper or mag or whoever;
Brazil has lost it's culture to fight for rights of any kind.


Edu said...

não entendi o seu comentário: "Olá! Acabo de ver um comentário que você deixou no Blog da Marina W. No post sobre o Lamitor que ela toma... Com o seu "Valha-me Deus!" você estaria insinuando o que eu estou pensando que está$ Marketing amigo! E que marketing! Todos os globais mais suspeitos... PB inclusive... Well, maybe one day!"

Ana said...

Se você não entendeu eu entendi você errado. :)