Sunday, August 31, 2008


I have many things about different topics and it led me to stop writing so I will write what comes to my mind:
Here comes September. It will bring autumn to US and spring to Brazil. Stephany has made this beautiful post with some photos from her garden and she talked about the seasons:

"outside, the air is fresh and cool, i can smell autumn lingering in the fragrance, about to leave summer behind. when the leaves fall they become my spring path in the woods. so as i look up to the trees today, i see next spring and feel it under my feet. for the seasons are one, and we are one."

I have said in two posts that I'm feeling fine. I would like to remember that you all helped me a lot dealing with the feelings I did not realize I still had as far as the harms of psychotropics is concerned. I thought I was in good terms with all of this when I've read many testimonies in 2005 and 2006 but when I started visiting Philip Dawdy's Furious Seasons, and from there knowing amazing people who were harmed by these drugs, I went into a roller-coaster of emotions.
In the two first months I've spent hours reading and I've cried a lot. Then it came the anger times mixed with sadness.
It was hard! I felt terrible most of the time.
So I decided to start this blog that I still making without knowing exactly why and what am I really doing.
All I know is that it helped me getting in touch with my feelings not only toward the dark side of psychotropics but also I had the chance to meet amazing people coping with sad circumstances in the most dignified way.
This is just part of what I want to say.


Stephany said...

When I started my blog is was to tell a story, that I had no idea was going to evolve into what it has...my life as it happened. At first it was to tell of my story and my daughter, and I had no idea at the time how my life would take many more turns.

The blog is therapeutic in many ways, and has become for me--an evolution, of seeing myself become someone I had lost for a while. (me).

I cry when I read other blogs too. We are all together in this world, and with other people we can feel supported, inspired and uplifted.I've made friends via my blog that was an unexpected GIFT.

Thanks for starting your blog! I'm glad you did.

Happy Spring


Ana said...

Thank you Stephany.
This is very important to me what you've said you cannot imagine how much.
I would like to tell you that you must have been felt lost or sometimes you still feel it.
But you are far from being lost. You have a sense of analysis about what is going on that many people don't have even when they are on therapy.
Yes, it's very therapeutic to be able to express things that not even our best friend can understand.
And I also have already found some of these GIFTS. :)
Happy autumn.


susan said...


I think for a lot of us, writing is therapy, a way to exorcise the demons that lurk in our souls.

Often the mere act of writing helps in healing.

Sometimes it is hard to read. There are some blogs that I read that make me cry, for example, Stephany's and FS. I go into the shower and cry and feel better. Often the crying leads to feeling mad as hell and I want/desire to do something to fix the problem. That is when advocacy comes in.

It's all a matter of balance. Somedays it's OK not to read something, to come back on a day when you feel in a safer place. I know people that have done that with some of my heavier stuff. I don't mind.

Keep on doing what you are doing. Keep on trucking.

Ana said...


Yes, it is therapeutic and the tears are part of the process.
Fixing the problem? That also bring tears to my eyes.
I feel angry and sometimes I look at all the effort done by many people and nothing change.
Not even the black box warning!