Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've send my name to space

And you can do the same here and have your name on the Kepler Mission Certificate.
This is for the NASA's Kepler Mission that is scheduled to be launched in February 2009 from Cape Canaveral aiming what is written on the certificate.

If astrology is of any value I truly believe that it can make a huge difference if we have our names in space.
The deadline to submit your name is November 1, 2008.


Stan said...

Dearest Ana:

Your name and mind has been in space for countless years, and has it really made a difference {smirk}?
I guess desparate times, lead to desparate measures.
If your going to write something to sent into space; at least send something nice to the penguins and the mothership. Micro Brewed beer is always a good choice {wink}.

Yours truly

Ana said...

Stan sweet,
You're right.
I'll send the Micro Brewed.
Your truly,