Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm fine.....

For no reason I'm happy. I'm doing my best to stay calm, in peace and, why not, happy. For the last four months I've dedicated my time on this subject. First in FS and for the last two months here and still leaving Philip and people who read him, so many that it reached 3.000 once, bored with so many comments I leave there.
I've also have left comments on other blogs. Sometimes I've talked too much.
The happy stuff...
That's it! I feel happy. Just like to share this feeling with you.
I'm experiencing all the tiny little things that leads to a calm and good state of mind. Talking to nice people, listening to music, gardening, spending time with my dog, watching landscapes from this city, trying not to listen to the news, eating good and health food, trying to slow my mind that is always full of thoughts mainly about problems, forgetting problems ...
just living and being.
Of course I have to shut up that voice that sometimes say: "- How do you dare to be happy?"
Go to hell all that has contributed to this question!


Stephany said...

Hi Ana,

I'm happy that you are feeling peace and happiness! I am too, finally! :)

You haven't talked too much at all, I love it when you leave comments on blogs.

Have a good day,


Ana said...

I've stopped because I was leaving huge comments and I've started thinking that I was boring everybody.
You know, English full of mistakes because I'm so eager to send the comment that I dare not to make a good correction...
I keep telling people to do this or that...
I decided to stop a while and say only the necessary.
Don't instigate me! lol
your friend,

Ana said...

PS: the only thing that spoil my peace is this subject.
I cannot stop thinking about it all.

susan said...

I like your comments on the blogs I know where we mutually read.

Take care Ana. The sun just came up here and it looks like a beautiful day.


Ana said...

thank you Susan.
I'm happy you can see the beautiful day.
It's sunny here. It's winter but I bet we have the same temperature and sunlight.
Winter didn't appear here this year till now.
Perhaps on summer. lol
Stations has lost it's meaning here.