Saturday, August 09, 2008

Is the world going crazy or is it me?

In bloghosphere I'm seeing my friends suffering too much. Too much. I've just visited one of my US virtual friends and I'm so sad because of what is going on that I can't even write the message I left, but was erased, again.
I went for a walk on a mall near my house. First I went to a library and finally saw one book written by a "bipolar" that is on the market.
She takes Lamictal and is doing fine! The book, well, the book... I'll talk about it later and also about the psychiatrist that prescribes the author.
I arrived at the mall and there was a woman in tears and saying that there was nothing on her purse... to make a long story short: in Rio de Janeiro when a person steal from a shop the whole thing is solved inside the shop with the manager.
Now they call the police. The person is treated like a criminal and is put in jail. Last month I've heard of a woman that spend 3 days in jail because of two bottles of shampoo.
I know in US it's the procedure.
But not here till now. Policemen are loosing all their credibility for the drug traffic is far more powerful and the police cannot do anything and some policemen are involved with the traffic.
So now if a teenager, remember those little robberies that were almost like a passage ritual?
I was caught once in a supermarket with chocolates and a pen. I left the chocolate but had to pay for the pen for I had opened it.
I arrived pale home but I didn't say anything. It was the last time. But the two bracelets, cheap stuffs, I had steal I've used for another month and the two little decks
card for solitaire I still have. This is my "collection".
So if it was today I would end up in a police station?
I've tried to help the woman. People use to look at everything and don't act.
I have the misfortune of having the impulse to try to help.
The manager was a girl with little experience in life and clearly either has no idea of the dangers of a middle class woman going to jail or is just following this new tendency of chasing people who steal bread, butter and shampoo and leaving criminals at the streets.
End of the story: this manager told the policeman that the woman had... phoned ME and I was there helping her. As if we were "partners". Hello!
The policeman arrested the woman and wanted me to go too or pretended to because he wanted to arrest her alone and a friend of hers was arriving. I stayed beside her to make sure she was not going alone with 3 policemen. She went alone. I'm not claiming she didn't steal. I don't know. But there are crimes and crimes.
I've looked at the policeman in such a way that he stopped talking in front of me. But at the other side of the street he said "-You're stealing too. I'm going to catch you!"
You have no idea the way this man talked. He talked as if he was talking to a murderer. The whole scene was as if there was a crime, as if there was a murder. So much rage, violence and disrespect! They even disrespect themselves! As they cannot put in jail real "motherfuckers" they treat a woman who stole a shoe or I don't know what like this?
And he has threated me for nothing, for no reason. Just because the manager invented that the "stealer" has called me? This is beyond comprehension. I just wanted to see the same story if the "characters" were two men. I'm sure things would have been different.
I arrive and just took a look at FS, and some friends blogs.
Too much.
"By definition, somebody that depressed isn't capable of informed consent." is one of the sentences I've read on FS?
I guess I'm getting old and the world has changed too much in the last decade. I'm tired!
I didn't buy any book or any CD. Just hair conditioner.
Great saturday!

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