Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comforting silence

It's 04:23 am. I cannot sleep and cannot do anything. I'm fine but I'm thinking about some my blog friends and ... I don't know what to do or say. All I know is that they are suffering too much and it has already reached that stage where "-Hang in there!" is meaningless.
Silence is the best choice but they cannot see me and read what is going in my mind that no matter how hard we try to hide it always shows.
What to say? "-I'm there for you!"; "-You're strong!"; "-Have faith........
Sometimes we have to remain silent.


Shiv said...

Its times like that that all you can say is this:

Happy hugs hunni :)
Hehe, I alliterated!

susan said...


I don't know what to say either.

It's always darkest before the dawn,

We are all waiting for the dawn,.

Thank you for being such a warm, caring, amazing woman.

Stan said...

Dearest Ana:

I'm down, but not out yet! You are a wonderful caring individual and a real bloggery friend; now the only question is will you have enough food to feed me once I defect to Brazil to organize the alien and Penguins revolt and planetary domination?

Hugs, yours truly

Jena said...

Hi Ana,
We haven't met yet, but I noticed a comment you made on someone else's profile and I decided to check out yours. I was moved by your profile description. What a powerful story. I look forward to tagging along and seeing more of what you're all about.
Sincerely, Jena

Ana said...

Thank you all very much.
I'm very touched by what you wrote.
((((((shiv; susan; stan; jena)))))

Thank YOU!

At what time will you be at Rio de Janeiro airport?
Let me know for I've already have a plan to discuss. It will be easy to dominate the planet.
I have some good connections (CIA included)!

I've just visited your blog. I loved when you said you read everything but books!
Brave woman! I believe this is the first time someone have the guts to say it. lol
You are a wonderful woman and I'm very happy to have a new blog buddy!

Stephany said...

((hugs)) from me too, thanks for always lifting my spirits

Ana said...

Thank YOU for being so amazing.
I admire you.

preciousrock said...

Sometimes there are no words. I know what you mean. I think most of us just appreciate comments of any kind to just know that someone is there and someone cares and can relate.

Ana said...

Yes! We just want a comment even if it has only a single word.