Friday, August 15, 2008

Philip Dawdy querying FDA

The reason why I'm here is Furious Season. As many Americans I started blogging after being infuriated with Philip Dawdy's posts, that are written with the right amount of anger leaving room for action instead of paralysis, and lots of journalistic skill.
On this post he is doing a great job pressing FDA on diagnosing Pediatric Bipolar disorder.
Even DSM does not recognize bipolarity in children but FDA does. First in a tangential way by approving Abilify and Risperdal and now claiming on The Boston Globe that bipolarity is a diagnose for children:

"I've made repeated requests of the FDA to interview Thomas Laughren, director of the FDA's psychiatry products division. He was the official in whose name Sandy Walsh, an FDA spokeswoman, said the diagnosis was valid and I felt it was important for Laughren to come to the phone and answer some questions about the diagnosis, what scientific criteria the FDA had used to determine the validity of same or was this just the opinion of some doctors at Harvard, and why Laughren had made this determination in the face of heated opposition from some credible figures in child psychiatry. In other words, my request was pretty straightforward journalism. Walsh and I traded some emails, but yesterday she told me by email--does the FDA not use phones?--that my request was being denied."
You must have already read this on FS. If not it's a must-read for time to action has arrived.
I'm deeply happy with this "e-mail exchanging" for it seems to me that it's the beginning of pressuring FDA, Harvard, Biederman and those who are playing with children's health.

"I wanted to ask why the FDA has stayed mum on the validity of the disorder, because, if it truly exists, then wouldn't the FDA want to flag its existence for public health authorities so they can screen every kid in America?"
This is one of my big concerns: children being put on drugs while developing. Part of DSM-5 is dedicated to measures to start preventing diseases in early childhood.

Don't do it!
It's beyond comprehension even for pediatric psychiatrists.
Stop drugging American children. Let children play.
Please Mr.
Thomas Laughren! We want you to be interviewed by Philip Dawdy. Why not?
Can't you speak to a journalist for half an hour?
I guess I'll have to keep on reading Kafka's "Before the Law".
But I'm sure Philip and Stephany will not keep on reading.


Stephany said...

This is such an important topic, thank you for speaking up Ana, and writing about it here.

We are going to lose a generation or 2 (or more) with these drugs so easily prescribed for children, they will never know what a happy carefree childhood can be, if medicated on such strong chemicals at such early ages, the outcome is tragic, I know this from watching it happen to my daughter.

Thanks you for adding my post to your blog, I am thankful others are speaking up on behalf of kids like my child.

Stephany U.S.A.

Ana said...

It's me who has to thank you.
Yo cannot imagine the impotence I feel. It's stressful knowing it all and not being able to do anything.
The least I can do is support you who are trying hard to be heard.
You deserve at least some explanations.
When we are right, when we were abused and our voices is not heard depression or at least a pain in the chest will surely appear.
i write to much on comments.
That's it.
Take care!
yours truly,