Saturday, August 16, 2008

Philip Dawdy - Before the Law - first door: FDA

If you know Kafka's text below perhaps you'll associate Philip Dawdy's attempt to talk to Thomas Laughren as one of the many doors that are necessary to cross in order to, at least, bring it all to the public attention. There he is, the infuriated Philip Dawdy, knocking on FDA's door.

"To be fair, I should note that there may be a perfectly good reason for Laughren's attendance at the conference. I can't guess at what that reason might be and that's why I contacted the FDA and Laughren seeking clarification of the reasons for Laughren's participation at the conference, but so far neither has responded to my request for comment."

There are too many doors. Sorry but you'll all have to open them wide open for you've already hurt too many people in America and you're aiming American children.
Don't do it. Stop! Don't you think that the American public opinion is not waiting for you to explain yourselves?
Even though the mainstream media don't cover it in details there has been some notes here and there and even sitcoms, movies, series, talk shows or music lyrics give some hints on what is being done with American medicine.
Please, don't resign, as some UK key persons, before telling America what you've been concealing for a long time. If your citizens are not fully aware they are quite suspicious because they are witnessing the great problems that these drugs have created on the first generation that was put on them.
And, please, open your doors so that ethical people can do their work properly. Leave a good note on your biography and show some ethics yourselves. It's never too late.
Thank you!

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