Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm sad...

I'm feeling sad right now. Too much hideous stories. Too few action to try to start changes.
It's impossible not to feel sad.
It will go away. But now I'm sad.


susan said...

Hi Ana,

A very wise friend of me once told me to limit my time on the internet and when I feel like you are feeling right now to take a walk.

Sometimes you need to step back and smell the flowers.

You cannot help others if you yourself are broken or weak.

Take care

Stephany said...

Ana, Just was reading on FS about the weather--yes it's warm and sunny in Seattle right now! :)

Susan (who is my friend, so I should introduce you, Ana, meet Susan! ):)

Susan is right, step away from the computer, turn it off and walk and breathe air.

It's what Ive learned to do too. These topics get overwhelming, and I often cannot write about them.

Be well!


justana said...

Thank you Stephany!
I knew about Susan on your Blog.
Thank you for the introduction.
You're both right.
I'll spend 2 days away of all of these.
We start with one issue and all of a sudden we re thinking about so many absurdities that it really gets overwhelming.
Goos to know it's warm and sunny in Seattle.
We in Rio de Janeiro have the same relation with the weather.
If it's not sunny... it's no good!
Thank you both for the advice.
Have a nice week!