Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We didn't even say goodbye...

I've just left a comment on a friend's blog and I kept on thinking about my ex-husband. I don't like this "ex-husband" title but it's the only way I can convey that we were meant to each other.
Of course there were many things about him I dislike and many he didn't like on me.
But we had the connection on almost everything.
Depression came and lasted for 1 year. then the maniac appeared. He got hospitalized and for 6 months he didn't got better.
A psychiatry friend decided to try another hospital and they gave him lithium. In a few weeks he reached balance and got out of the maniac phase.
But he left and I let him go.
It still hurts because it was not because love has ended. Circumstances beyond control has put an end on us.
I know he also feels sorry for it all. We didn't even say goodbye, there was not a conversation about ... nothing.
He got married and has a son. I feel glad he did.
Not that glad... because... you know why...


susan said...

I understand Ana. Not saying goodbye.

Mine didn't say goodbye either. He just waved, like he was in an old 40s movie and was trying to flag down the train.

I've never been a fan of the word goodbye. The French say "au Revoir". Until we meet again. It seems nicer, kinder, and yes, more romantic.

justana said...

You're right Susan. Why say Goodbye when it doesn't express our feelings?
"À bientôt" is also nice!
Why do we see this moments as if it was a black and white movie?
Strange. I feel the same.
"Time is a space between me and you...
Life carries it all..."
A Seal song and I like this line!