Sunday, August 03, 2008

Brazilian oficial statistics on SSRIs violence

Suicides attempts - 0
Suicides - 0
Homicides - 0
Violent Behavior - 0

Although all SSRIs are on the market - Paxil-Seroxat-Aropax / Prozac / Zoloft/ Luvox/ Cymbalta/ Effexor/ name it....
there has never been a single case of violence in Brazil.
Lucky country I live in!
If you feel suicidal or homicidal and come to Brazil you will not be even on ssristories.com
We are blessed!


Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Justana but there is NO WAY I would ever believe that Brazil has had no SSRI induced cases of violence or suicide, etc. The ONLY reason you do not see any cases on SSRIstories.com is because we have no access to articles out of Brazil that might document these cases. Give me just a few minutes of scanning a newspaper or two and I will find those cases for you. I have been doing it for years. Rosie and I have searched out those cases for SSRIstories forever! I have called SO MANY families in search of answers for them and for the public (this is a public safety issue!) that I cannot even count how many there have bee n. Had we not have done this investigating on our own reporters in this country most likely would never have begun to address this connection to these drugs. Someone needs to lay that groundwork in Brazil and other countries now. Most who have read my book, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? - Our Serotonin Nightmare, can pick these cases out quite easily. You just need to know what signs to look for. But just because there are no cases listed on our SSRIstories site, means NOTHING. Let me know if I can help.

Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy

justana said...

Dear Dr. Ann Blake,
You misunderstood me.
It's an irony.
I have already written to ssristories.com site and they told me that they only report what is written in English for this is the language they can understand.
They've even asked me to translate what is on Brazilian newspapers.
There's no data on suicides of any kind in Brazil. Not a single newspaper have reported suicide or violent behavior because of SSRI.

There is not a single site claiming SSRIs are a real risk.
Our pharmacovigilance are translations from US, UK or another country that they publish from time to time.
We have no data on anything in Brazil.
Why do you think I'm writing in English?
Because whenever I write in Portuguese someone comes and say "-You're wrong! You're not a psychiatrist. I've studied and I know that SSRIs are of great help." The last book that appeared on the market:
"I take antidepressant! Thank the Lord!"
A journalist clearly a KOL. I've discussed, discussed and discussed... only few people can understand and know.
I've tried to search for our cases. As a matter of fact I have tried to kill myself twice while tapering Effexor so at least one case of suicide attempt we have reported here.
Psychiatrist remain silent.
I ask them "-What about the chemical imbalance theory?" What about this site ssristories.com?"
They say it's overstatement and these drugs are not that dangerous.
I wrote a book in Portuguese. I'm still having to put more data for everyday I have some news.
Unfortunately I didn't read your book yet.
When I've mentioned "If you feel suicidal or homicidal and come to Brazil you will not be even on ssristories.com
We are blessed!"
it was pure and simple irony.
Don't get me wrong.
But it's not far from reality.
Let's say that an American comes to Brazil and commits suicide because of a SSRI and is alone.
If this person is not protected by US law I'm sure nobody would know.
That's Brazilian reality for the moment.
I hope some day it will be changed.
Thank you for the support.
Yours truly,