Thursday, August 14, 2008

Marina Lima

I wanna share this music. This is Marina Lima one of our greatest singers who is also interested in philosophy, poetry and is one of these persons you feel that has a wonderful universe. She was born in US and first learned English. 
As she came to Brazil in her childhood she speaks Portuguese with no accent whatsoever. I've translated this lyric so that you can have an idea of what she's saying. The Portuguese version you can find here but I know you will not understand a single word, perhaps not even Brazil because we write it with "S". 
The good new is that you can listen to her beautiful voice as an instrument and not connect it with words. The video is very beautiful. Hope you like it. There it goes the translation (sorry Marina, I'll try to improve.): 

Marina Lima 

Yes, I decided to absent myself 
To conceal my pain
 I've run away, lied 
Perhaps for modesty.

Many things have happened 
And I have stop to think better 
I came back to tell you the much I felt 
For not kissing you. 

And life goes on, this to-and-fro 
All waves of love 
Spins, whirls 
Just like a Pierrot. 

One day all fall apart 
It's impossible to deny. 
I came back to tell you that here in my Brazil 
Another flower doesn't exist. 

 In Brazil: each town is an island, without trap, trace, without track 
And the fear to guide us 
So: welcome to my land made by men on war 
And others eager to love

And it's been like this, since the world is world 
Men fearing passion 
It hurts, it kills 
Just like a dragoon.

Defy it causes so much fear 
But run away is worse:
I came back to tell you that on this war 
There is no winner. 

 In Brazil: each town is a harbor, said a poet to a chick 
That didn't want to risk 
Come, welcome to my land, made by men on war 
And others eager to love. 

Dedicated to my dearest friend "A". He knows.

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